Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 5, 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 5
28 days to a more magnetic life,
Sandra Anne Taylor
Jean on the move
I like that, movement. With Thanksgiving behind me. The best thing is that the house is clean and ready for the Christmas boxes to come down.
If you have been with me for any time here, you know I've been working hard at getting back to the physical activities that I use to do.
I have this very slow leisurely pace about myself. In fact, when people move, or talk to quickly at me, I tend to shut down. They make me nervous and anxious.
I'm one of these people who, breathe deeply, make a list, stretch, have a cup of coffee, and then peacefully go about the business of the day.
Of course, I wasn't always like that. No, in my 30's while raising kids, I went to college, had a full-time job, took care of the house, the husband and signed up for every volunteer organization that asked for help. Often I was up till midnight doing the Landry.
Happy to say, Those days are over!!
Lets begin.
Intentions for the day.
"How you move, and how much you move creates your mechanical resonance, which is a significant source of personal energy. If you don't get enough movement, the power from past experiences is likely to stay stuck in both your body and your energy field."
This is good stuff. It's got me thinking about exercise and how I can get it back into my life.
I use to walk 2hours a day. But have not been able to do that for sometime. Getting regular exercise is on my priority list.
With, back, knee and neck issues I have found a website that I think is helpful. Something I can do at home and on my own time schedule.
Affirmations for Ease of Movement
"I walk and move comfortable. I do everything at a leisurely, unhurried pace. I am peaceful and relaxed in all I do."
This is my affirmation Journal, as you can see it's just a notebook. I write, doodle, make notes, and jot down ideas.
Words of Enlightenment
"Exercise is for elevating your spirit, not just your heart rate.'
Dr. Mark W. Cochran
Something to think about.
My to do list is growing longer.
1. Taking down the Christmas Decorations. This will test my patience to day.....
2. I plan on doing those chair exercises.
3. Continue to breathe deeply and meditate while writing out the affirmations.
4. Start the raffle painting for the art reception.
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Featured Artist at the Elko County Art Club Gallery

Featured Guest Artist for December at the Elko County Art Club
Elko County Art Club is pleased to welcome it's Featured Guest Artist exhibitor for December, Jean Hart.

Jean Hart has been creating art for the last 10 years and made the move to become a full-time artist in 2009 under her business, Jean Hart Artwork.

Hart's entree into the world of art was similar to that of many artists who discovered their creative expression through drawing. An art class at Great Basin College later introduced her to acrylic painting, her current medium of choice.

Hart's works of art seek to inspired emotions and memories from the viewer through use of contemporary and conceptual styles. "My greatest accomplishment as an artist is offering my original paintings to people," says Hart.

Being the Featured Guest Artist in the new Elko County Art Club Gallery brings her artwork full circle. Jean explains, " I started my art career in the Elko County Art Club, showing my artwork in their annual exhibits at the Northeastern Nevada Museum, and the Elko Art in the Park event."

In 2011, she became an administrator of the Art Canyon Art Gallery, which provided her with exposure to international artists and opportunity to exhibit her work in shows around the world.

In 2013, she was accepted into the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic. "This really opened my eyes to painting. The ideas, theories, techniques I've learned have been crucial to my development as a painter," says Hart. When people ask why she paints, Hart tells them, " I can't imagine a life without expression."

Hart's artwork can also be seen locally at the Northeaster Nevada Museum, Picture This art Gallery, Troy Edens Medical office and on her own online store,*

You can contact Jean Hart by email at or follow her on Facebook or her artwork blog

Hart's artwork will be on display at ECAC Gallery at 407 Railroad Street in downtown Elko from Nov. 25th through December 26th. An Artist reception will be held the evening of December 14th from 5-7 pm. The public is invited, its free to enjoy fine art, refreshments, and meet the artist.

For more information, call the ECAC Galley at 775-276-6612or email

Day 4 to a more magnetic life

28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Day 4
Going North, acrylic, jean hart
Personal Power
 Oh, I tell you this day could not have come at a better place in my life. I am preparing for an art show, I am the Featured Artist at the ECAC.
As it turns out the gallery director has given me full range of publicity. There budget is small and doesn't cover promotions. So, am I to not market this event, or am I to step up and make a few things happen?
It takes courage and confidence to assume the power in your own life. So, today I will be writing up an article for the newspaper, Making postcards to invite everyone to the reception and anything else I can think of.
Sandra says, "If you let others control key issues, you allow them to direct your energy and destiny, too."
 Intentions for today.
"Today I intend to live in my true power, to make choices and take action on my own behalf. I have the right to possess the real power in my life."
Well said. So it's time to become more self- actualized. This does not mean arrogant or demanding, just more focused and sure abut the direction I want to go in.
Activities for Enhancing person power.
1. Choose to empower yourself now. Live with integrity, strength, and discipline as you go about the many decisions of your day. From choosing what you prioritize to how you interact with others, allow yourself to be mighty!"
Well, okay, it will start today. There are a lot of strong, powerful words there. I think I will have to read that several times today.
Personal Power Affirmations
"As I live in my personal power, I become more and more conscious of my own needs. I am more self-directed  each day."
My list today looks like this:
1. prioritize my to do list for this up coming event.
2. write a article for the newspaper.
3. paint a new Raffle painting for the show.
4. Because I'm a little old school, I will read, write and recite the affirmation. It's really a strong one.
Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I may just sit with this one for a day or so. Personal Power, it's a big one and I don't want to blow through it too fast.
So I will leave you with these words from Mike Dooley,
"Talk a little, sing a lot,
walk a little, dance a lot,
smile a little, laugh a lot,
dream a little, live a lot."
Be Inspired,

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 3 to a more magnetic life

Day 3
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Today is Sunday, usually a rather easy day. But, not this Sunday, not the Sunday before a Thanksgiving Thursday.
I have all the home machines going and creating quite a noise.
Day 3 is
Well there you have it. my Acoustic energy is swirling all around me!!
Intentions for today.
Today I am to enhance the acoustic energy in my life.
I first thought that that would be music. As I did wake up to Kerry playing the flute. But rather then music floating in the house, I'm surrounded by, TV, and home machines.
Surprisingly for me today those are comforting sounds. I have much to do before Thanksgiving and today will be a home machine acoustic energy day.
There will be the sounds of washing and drying machines, dishwasher sounds, and a vacuum cruising around the house.
I'm thankful for those machine because without them I would be rubbing  my clothes down by the pond with rocks, boiling water for the dishes, and beating rugs to death outside in the cold. How did they find the time to do all that in the pioneer days?????
Since this is a acoustic day, I will be saying my affirmations out loud.
Filling the air with my voice.
I am all for quite meditations, peaceful music or even silence when it is called for.
I'm thinking that because the house if humming along loudly, I will have to send out my intentions and personal energy in a higher vibrations to over come the stimulating world around me.
Activities for enhancing acoustic energy.
"Play some music that promotes the mood you want to create, whether it's upbeat and invigorating or tranquil. Let yourself move to the sounds.
What's on my music track.
1. Pink Radio
2. Margarita ville, Jimmy Buffet, always inspirational.
3. Cello Cd's , my favorite instrument.
I'm alittle rock n roll, a little country and alittle jazzy.
Affirmations for Beautiful sound vibrations.
" I listen to the joyful sounds in my life, and I thank the Universe in whispers of praise."
I will say these out loud today, because it fits my philosophy about resiting. The brain will hear it and the thoughts will take form and what you think you will become.
Be Inspired,
I remember, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 2 to a more magnetic life

Day 2
to a more magnetic life
by Sandra Anne Taylor
Wild Hearts, acrylic, by Jean Hart
Releasing Negativity
I have always believed that what you think is what will happen.
Many times I have thought I just can't do something. Long before I knew what negative thoughts were or that a positive attitude could change your life.
for this day are to notice your thoughts, feel them. Ask yourself are they true? Are they helping you? Do you believe them? Okay, those are my questions. I have read many books about thoughts, depression, negativity thinking, and well this too is helpful.
Sandra writes, "Instead, simply notice when your mind is moving in an anxious direction, then gently release any assumptions of fear or doubt. Whatever may be going on, open your heart and mind to more relaxing conclusions, and know that a better outcome is on the way." 
Taking action
"Breath deeply and as you exhale, affirm that you're letting go. say, I don't have to choose this reaction any longer."
My actions
Daydreamer, pastel, Jean Hart
Again, I say, take time to daydream.....for me, sometimes I get overwhelmed with work, my body aches, and family stuff. Sometimes I just have to nap. Yes, I said NAP. It seems that if I pose a problem just before I nap, and I'm talking about 20-30mins. I feel better about it when I wake up.

 Affirmations for shifting negativity
"My thoughts have real power in my life, and I always choose to have power over my thoughts."
 So, like I said I can't just type out all of what she writes. Some of this is stuff I know already so I looked up something I found help full for me.
TED Talks. I love them, I listen to many and I share the ones that have helped me.
Ask yourself, Can our bodies change our minds? Can you fake it until you make it? or should you fake it till you become it?
click on to the link and find out.
What's on my list for today?
1. I will be writing out my affirmation 50 times. First, I like to hand write stuff because I'm working on better penmanship, and it helps to use my hands.
2. I will pose a anxiety I'm feeling and create a better daydream so the out come is more positive.
This will only take 15 mins.
3. I will walk into my studio standing in a V position, arms up, chin up and say lets get to work!!!
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

28 Days to a more magnetic life

28 Days to a more magnetic life
By Sandra Anne Taylor
Jean before haircut
I like following programs. I like routine. I like rules.
I found this little book at an old used book store. I hope book stores never go out of vogue. I would not even have known that this little book was out there otherwise.
So join me for the next 28 days and lets see if this little book changes our lives.
You are welcome to comment on this journey if you wish.
Yesterday started out with a quick haircut, it was suppose to be a trim but once I started looking through the books, it became a haircut.
Jean after haircut
I plainly needed a change. So on with the journey,
Day 1
Becoming conscious.
Today we will be consciously choosing thoughts and behaviors that create more peace and value.
It's a day of looking at yourself in an honest way and asking questions.
Go through your feelings, and ask yourself , What's stopping you from doing the things you daydream about?
My Mom use to say to me, "What's the worst thing that can happen if you do that?" Surprise, the worst thing that can ever happen to you is Death!!, So, if it doesn't cause you to die, or others, then what you try and fail at is not the worst thing that happens to you.
Home grown wisdom.
The best answer I say to people who want to whine, is cheer up, things will change.
Day 1 has 5 pages to it. I will not be writing out all the information there.
Today's affirmation for becoming conscious
Every day, I consciously create my reality by choosing the kind of energy and emotions I want to live with.
I do best working from lists. So, for me I put in 3 things that I will intentional think about today.
What's on my list?
1. I will intentionally exercise my knees that hurt from arthritis. Move them or lose them even if it hurts.
2. I will go into my studio and clean and put away my paints and brushes before starting a new painting. I'm the worst at clean up.
3. I will start to plan and organize for the Thanksgiving dinner, and not leave all the cleaning and decorating for one day. I am a procrastinator.
There it is , the first day of intentions.
Best of luck, follow along, join in.
Be inspired,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I had a visit from two angels

So much has happened. If I told you I had a visit from an angel, what would you think? But it's true. Two wonderful seamstress came to visit me a month ago in my dream. They came to sew up my knee. The first one said, "Don't worry, we are here now. Let's use black thread." The second angel said, "No!! We must use White."....and off they went sewing my knee up.
I woke up thinking, okay, that's nice. I recognized them from a show I was watching, Lark Rise to Candleford.  I had my first appointment with the Dr. about my knee. He ordered a MRI. I told my angels, You have two weeks to heal this knee before the MRI, because once the MRI is taken the Dr. will make his recommendations for the scan.
Yesterday, I went to the surgeon. He looked at the MRI, All I see is a little ligament and arthritis problem!!! I see no reason to do a scope. (this was his recommendation 2 wks ago.)
Thank You Angels

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jean Hart Artwork Newsletter Nov. 2013

Jean Hart Artwork
November 2013
I can feel the changing seasons. I have just gotten back from a grand trip to the canyon lands. I love the red rocks, the Indian sites and all things southwestern. I would not be surprised if I start putting in some of the petrographic symbols I saw on my trip into some of my artwork.

The "Elements" exhibit was a great success. Over 80 people came for the reception to meet the artists and see their  artwork. I hope you had a chance to visit the Northeastern Nevada Museum while it was up.

The question asked today is
"Why have I chosen acrylic as my medium?"
Firstly, it dries fast!! I do not have the patients for oil.
Acrylics are so versatile, they can be thinned down or built up thick. They can be used on most surfaces, and when they dry the are permanent.

Do you seal your artwork?
When I first started I sealed everything with a matte varnish. Later, I started to use a gloss shine. Acrylics are permanent when they dry and I have read that you don't always need to seal.
But, mostly I do.
How do you come up with a price for your artwork?
Oh yes, the big question. For years I did not sell my original artwork. If you have one, it was because I gave it to you or you won the bid at an auction to one of my charity's I support. But I now am starting to let go of some of the original paintings. Pricing in a hard one. Mostly I price on size and time it takes to create the artwork. I do not tack on emotional cost for the paintings I love. I love them all. I just cleaned out my studio. I have a small space to work in and really needed more room to create new artwork.  I took almost 20 original paintings to the thrift shop. Maybe you were lucky enough to have found one there. People called me asking if I was giving up being an artist. No, never!! I just needed more room. :-)

What's coming up in Dec.
I have been asked to be the featured artist for December for the Elko County Art Club in their new Art Gallery in Elko.
I'm very excited about this. It is like coming full circle for me with my artwork. I started my art career as a member of the art club, I was even Vice-President for one year.
There will be a reception but I do not have a date yet.
Be Inspired,