Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 3 to a more magnetic life

Day 3
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Today is Sunday, usually a rather easy day. But, not this Sunday, not the Sunday before a Thanksgiving Thursday.
I have all the home machines going and creating quite a noise.
Day 3 is
Well there you have it. my Acoustic energy is swirling all around me!!
Intentions for today.
Today I am to enhance the acoustic energy in my life.
I first thought that that would be music. As I did wake up to Kerry playing the flute. But rather then music floating in the house, I'm surrounded by, TV, and home machines.
Surprisingly for me today those are comforting sounds. I have much to do before Thanksgiving and today will be a home machine acoustic energy day.
There will be the sounds of washing and drying machines, dishwasher sounds, and a vacuum cruising around the house.
I'm thankful for those machine because without them I would be rubbing  my clothes down by the pond with rocks, boiling water for the dishes, and beating rugs to death outside in the cold. How did they find the time to do all that in the pioneer days?????
Since this is a acoustic day, I will be saying my affirmations out loud.
Filling the air with my voice.
I am all for quite meditations, peaceful music or even silence when it is called for.
I'm thinking that because the house if humming along loudly, I will have to send out my intentions and personal energy in a higher vibrations to over come the stimulating world around me.
Activities for enhancing acoustic energy.
"Play some music that promotes the mood you want to create, whether it's upbeat and invigorating or tranquil. Let yourself move to the sounds.
What's on my music track.
1. Pink Radio
2. Margarita ville, Jimmy Buffet, always inspirational.
3. Cello Cd's , my favorite instrument.
I'm alittle rock n roll, a little country and alittle jazzy.
Affirmations for Beautiful sound vibrations.
" I listen to the joyful sounds in my life, and I thank the Universe in whispers of praise."
I will say these out loud today, because it fits my philosophy about resiting. The brain will hear it and the thoughts will take form and what you think you will become.
Be Inspired,
I remember, acrylic, Jean Hart Artwork