Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jean Hart Artwork Newsletter Nov. 2013

Jean Hart Artwork
November 2013
I can feel the changing seasons. I have just gotten back from a grand trip to the canyon lands. I love the red rocks, the Indian sites and all things southwestern. I would not be surprised if I start putting in some of the petrographic symbols I saw on my trip into some of my artwork.

The "Elements" exhibit was a great success. Over 80 people came for the reception to meet the artists and see their  artwork. I hope you had a chance to visit the Northeastern Nevada Museum while it was up.

The question asked today is
"Why have I chosen acrylic as my medium?"
Firstly, it dries fast!! I do not have the patients for oil.
Acrylics are so versatile, they can be thinned down or built up thick. They can be used on most surfaces, and when they dry the are permanent.

Do you seal your artwork?
When I first started I sealed everything with a matte varnish. Later, I started to use a gloss shine. Acrylics are permanent when they dry and I have read that you don't always need to seal.
But, mostly I do.
How do you come up with a price for your artwork?
Oh yes, the big question. For years I did not sell my original artwork. If you have one, it was because I gave it to you or you won the bid at an auction to one of my charity's I support. But I now am starting to let go of some of the original paintings. Pricing in a hard one. Mostly I price on size and time it takes to create the artwork. I do not tack on emotional cost for the paintings I love. I love them all. I just cleaned out my studio. I have a small space to work in and really needed more room to create new artwork.  I took almost 20 original paintings to the thrift shop. Maybe you were lucky enough to have found one there. People called me asking if I was giving up being an artist. No, never!! I just needed more room. :-)

What's coming up in Dec.
I have been asked to be the featured artist for December for the Elko County Art Club in their new Art Gallery in Elko.
I'm very excited about this. It is like coming full circle for me with my artwork. I started my art career as a member of the art club, I was even Vice-President for one year.
There will be a reception but I do not have a date yet.
Be Inspired,