Wednesday, November 20, 2013

28 Days to a more magnetic life

28 Days to a more magnetic life
By Sandra Anne Taylor
Jean before haircut
I like following programs. I like routine. I like rules.
I found this little book at an old used book store. I hope book stores never go out of vogue. I would not even have known that this little book was out there otherwise.
So join me for the next 28 days and lets see if this little book changes our lives.
You are welcome to comment on this journey if you wish.
Yesterday started out with a quick haircut, it was suppose to be a trim but once I started looking through the books, it became a haircut.
Jean after haircut
I plainly needed a change. So on with the journey,
Day 1
Becoming conscious.
Today we will be consciously choosing thoughts and behaviors that create more peace and value.
It's a day of looking at yourself in an honest way and asking questions.
Go through your feelings, and ask yourself , What's stopping you from doing the things you daydream about?
My Mom use to say to me, "What's the worst thing that can happen if you do that?" Surprise, the worst thing that can ever happen to you is Death!!, So, if it doesn't cause you to die, or others, then what you try and fail at is not the worst thing that happens to you.
Home grown wisdom.
The best answer I say to people who want to whine, is cheer up, things will change.
Day 1 has 5 pages to it. I will not be writing out all the information there.
Today's affirmation for becoming conscious
Every day, I consciously create my reality by choosing the kind of energy and emotions I want to live with.
I do best working from lists. So, for me I put in 3 things that I will intentional think about today.
What's on my list?
1. I will intentionally exercise my knees that hurt from arthritis. Move them or lose them even if it hurts.
2. I will go into my studio and clean and put away my paints and brushes before starting a new painting. I'm the worst at clean up.
3. I will start to plan and organize for the Thanksgiving dinner, and not leave all the cleaning and decorating for one day. I am a procrastinator.
There it is , the first day of intentions.
Best of luck, follow along, join in.
Be inspired,