Monday, June 29, 2015

50 ways to improve the world

Jean Hart Artwork

I love list....and if I find one that I can actully use, 
I will share it with you.

This one sounds interesting.
50 Things you can do to improve the world. 
Peace, by Jean Hart Artwork 

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Everything About Paris Le Metro

Everything about Paris 
paris smart cards 

True or False
In Paris, it is illegal to kiss on the train. 

 It's on the books, no smooching on le Metro. However, this law is enforced about as rigorously as jay walking in New York City. A more serious crime common underground is pic pocketing, and there are frequent announcements warning travelers to watch for petty thieves. 

No smooching!! that doesn't sound so French.

Being from L.A. I'm not that exprienced in riding the Le Metro or any real city transportation. We have city buses and they are not the kind you want to be seen smooching on.
I wonder if when you buy your ticket it lists rules for riding? 
If anyone know, comment.
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Perfectionism for an Artist

Jean Hart Artwork*

Just writing the word has made me shiver. 
While trying to be perfect with my art these are the things I have perfected.;
increased stress, decreased productivity, irritation with co artists, never ask for input, stress-related physical disorders, high b/p, loss of hair, weight gain, over confidence, and competition of spirit, 
and yet I still felt my perfectionism was paying off. 
Pen and Ink Elephant, Jean Hart Artwork 
Creativity and perfection go together like fire and water.
They just don't mix.
I can not remember when I started to think that my art needed to step up.
It may have come when I was showing my artwork in solo shows and just about had a break down.
But, when I look back at it. I believe it was when I first entered my first acrylic painting into the county fair and won the largest and prestigious La Vern Hunt award. 
Where do you go from there!!! 
I thought," can I keep that kind of standard up?" 
Being creative when you are first starting out. Especially, when you are showing your work publicly requires a certain amount of risk, taking leaps of faith. 
When you are first learning a new technique, it just can't be perfect. You will make mistakes. 
Make a wish, digital, Jean Hart Artwork 

Perfection is such a sabotager. It's very nature asks you not to take risks, leaps, or even be curious. 
You become stuck in painting the same things because , people liked that, after all you won an award for that tree. 
The worst part of perfectionism is that it makes you not want to go into the studio.
I spent many hours just reading books on art, watching videos and organizing my art supplies. 
Did I paint during this time. NO WAY!! 
Let me just say now that thank goodness this perfectionism state did not last long. 
I look at art everyday. Everyday I am amazed at the artwork 
I see in museums, magazines, and on the Internet.  
It's just a good lesson for any artists to understand that there will always be someone better then you.
Someone who writes better, draws better, paints better. 
But they are not you. They do not have your ideas, your life experiences, or your talent. 
I believe, while my artwork might not be perfect, it is the best I can do at the time I painted it.
Here is a little story:
I have painted in many styles. 
I am always surprised what sells. I have painted pieces that took me months to create and thinking this is the best piece of art I have ever created, and it never sold. 
I painted a little abstract and the crowd went crazy!!!
So calm down. If we knew what people wanted, we would paint that. 
The trouble is they don't know what they want until they see it. 
So, paint. Paint what you like, what you connect to, and it will turn out to be creative and as perfect as a living piece of artwork can be. 
Be Inspired, 

Transformation Summer 2015

Transformation Summer 2015
Summer is here and along came high temperatures.
It was time to cut my hair again. I have now given into the idea that I will always have short hair now. 
I have had some trips already this summer and days of lazy dog days of relaxing and reading.
I finished my 50 wooden block of original artwork for ArtOMat and sent them off. 
On Friday, I went to have my health screen done.
It screens for body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol/lipid profile, blood glucose.
I'm happy to say I passed two of the four tests. 
Unfortunately, my weight is what is getting me. Every time!
I will be going to a health and wellness couch in July.
I have also started back on the USANA shake program.
I have been on a plateau for nearly 9 months, 
I gained 7 lbs for the holidays and have not been able to lose it.
I need help.
Today's card from the 
Wisdom for Healing cards 
Caroline Myss 

Seriously I shuffle these cards and look what came up.
Today's Lesson:
Eat only the foods that are good for you. Perhaps this is something you normally do, in which case you should feel very good about how well you're caring for yourself. Most people, however, know that they should be more attentive to this area, but find it difficult. 
Your Goal:
to practice healthy nutrition. 
 Yes, I can do that.......with no parties or company today, I will not find myself in the kitchen making fun and entertaining foods. I have also noticed that I can no longer drink wine.
I will let you know how the health coach goes in July.
My goal is still 57 lbs away. 
Be Inspired,
French Kiss Life

This week's practice is to cultivate your mind with books that you do not always read, and to share what you're reading now. 
This is one of my favorite books." Calling Invisible Women" by Jeanne Ray. I have it on my Kindle . 
If you're in your fifties this is a timely book. If you have ever felt like you were invisible read along with Clover when she is shocked to find herself invisible, but is more shocked to find her family doesn't notice she is invisible! You will be interested to find the answer to how she became invisible. It's a funny and delightful book.
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dee Burton art exhibit


This is my dear artists friend Dee Burton. 
Enjoy her artwork 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

50 wooden blocks

Jean Hart Artwork 
I'm finished with my first 50 ArtOMat blocks.
I will ship them out today.
This was so much fun.
Little 2" x 3" original masterpeices. 
Be Inspired,

Friday, June 19, 2015

Jean Hart Artwork June Exhibit

Weekend Inspirations
Jean Hart Artwork 

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June". L. M. Montgomery
June is the perfect month.
The beginning of the month started out with thunderstorms and by mid June the temperatures rose to over 90 degrees. 
It's time to plan vacations by the sea or some exotic island. 
this is my
June Exhibit. 

50 wooden block paintings for 
Art O Mat 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Guess what's scary and fun at the same time? A one lane bri

Guess what's scary and fun at the same time?

I love bridges, even old one lane ones.

Be Inspired,

Jean Hart Artwork 
Working with the 
Artists Muse collections of cards. 

Creating your masterpiece! 
Today I pulled three cards from the deck. 
If you have ever thought I just don't know what to paint. 
This cards are a great way to jump start your creativity. 
You can do one card or two or mix all three together. It's all up to you.

Circles of Growth: Use one fully saturated color, one dull color (neutralized with black or the color's complement) and one pale color. 
Windows of opportunity: Place an assortment of found objects on the surface of your paper. Use rice, metal rings, keys, spaghetti, any interesting shapes. Spray around these objects gesso watered down to the consistency of skim milk. Let dry. Use this as the surface for your painting. 
Doors of Awareness: Do a totally nonobjective painting use only geometric shapes. If you wish, add numbers. 
This is going to be very interesting when it is completed. 
Be Inspired,
Please, feeling free to share your finished artwork, comment, and share with other's. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Venus Anadyomine

I have for sale,
a Peter Nixon, Venus Anadyomene,  2013, 7" x 9 3/8" Seriolithograph in color on archival paper, Signed in the plate, with Certificate of Authenticity.
$25.00 if you pick it up from me
$35.00 if I have to pay shipping and handling.
contact me at 
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Monday, June 15, 2015

1101131440.mp4 a raven visit



Everything About Pairs

Everything About Paris
paris smarts 

Le Menu
Which is Paris's Oldest Caf'e? ?
1.  Le Procope 
2. Cafe de Fore
3. Les Deux Magots 
4. Brasserie Lipp

Le Procope
Founded by a Sicillian named Antonio Procopio, Le Procope, in the 6th arrondissenment, dates from 1686 and is the oldest cafe in Paris.  Cafe de Fore, Les Deux Magots and Brasserie Lipp are also in the 6th and are each over 200 years old. Writers such as Honore de Balzac, Victor Hugo and Oscar Wilde frequented all of them. 

Now just think for a minute, a coffee house that's over 200 years old!!! That alone is worth seeing. 
One of the first phases I learned when I was teaching myself French was how to order coffee with cream. 
"Cafe avec de la creme sil vous plait?
Here are some images of the Le Procope. 
Looks pretty good for being over 200 years old. 

Be Inspired,

Jean Hart Artwork : Elks sparing

Jean Hart Artwork : Elks sparing

raven vists me in the canyon lands

Elks sparing

Sundays hike

Friday, June 12, 2015

Interview with an Artist

Jean Hart Artwork 
Jean Hart , Artist

Interview with an Artist

Why do you do what you do? 
In the beginning I did artwork to keep my mind busy and off my recovery. But, as time went by it just became a way for me to express myself.  The emotions I was going through were just to strong to say out loud, so my paintings became a way to express myself.
How do you work?
I work slowly! There simply is nothing fast about me. I don't walk fast, I don't talk fast and I don't paint fast. 
Part of the fun for me is the set up. I like to take the time to gesso my canvas and prepare the work space. 
What’s your background?
Let's see, in education my degree is in bus/accounting/ marketing, /education.  
In art, I have take many courses, workshops and a lot of video's and books. 
What’s integral to the work of an artist?
I would say, for an artist her work must express something from herself. Something that is authentic and original.  I have found that when I paint something meaningful to me  it will often connect with someone else. 
But, then too, when I do commission work it is then all about that persons wishes. 
What role does the artist have in society?
Many artists have been our historians way back before camera's.  When you look at an artists artwork, you will see what time in history, past or  present they are painting from. Just as art techniques and styles go through stages, art too will represent what people are going through. 
I believe Artists are recording history. 
How has your practice change over time?
My work is forever changing. I started out as a portrait artists, using my children as models. 
I have gone from big canvas's to small blocks of wood. 
The one thing about my work that has not changed is my pallet. It is vibrant, bold and strong. I have tried to calm it down with  lighter pastel colors, but that just didn't express what I like. 
What work do you most enjoying doing?
I really enjoy my morning sketches. They are just quick pen sketches in my journal. Sometimes but not too often they ended up as a painting. I think they are just little snap shots of whats going on in my life. 
What are you working on now? 
Recently I have joined the artists of Art O Mat.
 My time is spent painting small wooden blocks 2" x 3"  . 
Plus I am always creating new merchandise for my online store at zazzle. 

Be Inspired,
I invite you to visit my online store.*

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My French Kiss Life Practice Today

My French Kiss Life practice this week was to go have a spontaneous adventure. On Sunday I went for a 3.5 hour hike . We just kept on going on the trail until the view looked more like a snap shot from a plane. We hiked into aspen grooves and fields of wild flowers. Then of course, this little guy sleeping, unfortunately his Momma wasn't so we had to slowly back up and move on. 
Great day for a hike. 
Love your life. ‪#‎FrenchKissLife‬

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kaleidoscope of Colors

Kaleidoscope of Colors, Fine Art Exhbit at the Highland States

Falling in Love, acrylic, 34" x 34"
Jean Hart Artwork 

This is my Exhibit from Last Year...June 2014
Welcome to my Fine Art art exhibit at the
 Highland Estates.

Please, enjoy my artwork It is now an on line exhibit.
Be Inspired,

Music that hits your heart

Do you ever have a song that just hits your heart.
Well, I think India Arie is one of those artists that does it everytime
So Today, I'm just sharing some inspirational music.

Everything About Paris

Everything About Paris
paris smarts

Le Menu
What was Louis XIV's favorite water?

1. Chateldon
2. Badoit
3. Volvic
4. Perrier.


1. Chateldon

Famous among water aficionados for the lightness and delicacy of its natural bubbles, Chateldon was the favorite of Louis XIV. At the time, it was carried by mule from its spring at Auvergne to Paris. Today, it is bottled at its source in very limited quantities. Chateldon is expensive and available at high-end restaurants and markets. 

I guessed Perrier. That is the France water available to me in restaurants and markets.
Lately, I have been watching a lot of Sommerlier wine master documentaries on Netfilx.
The one I liked was called , Somm. 
Very interesting how they have to learn so much about the regions and grapes. 
I thought that it might be fun to learn more about wines. Not to become a master, but to understand how to appreciate wine and serve it correctly.
If you are interested in that YouTube has many short films on it. 
 Drink up and be Merry.
My favorite Toast is 
Bon le vive
Be Inspired,

My Nightmare

Jean Hart Artwork 

Have you ever had a nightmare? I mean a toss and turn, sweaty dream where you tried to scream and couldn't.......
Guess what showed up on my door step yesterday? 
Yup, that's it. The paintings from the auction I won on the cruise.
Them came Friday and as yet I haven't opened it yet.
Because I'm nervous. I had this horrible dream that I tore one of the paintings.
So I'm waiting until I have a clean open space to open and lay them out.
Do you remember when Steve Wynn- the Las Vegas casino magnate accidentally poked a hole in a Picasso? 
Oh man, can you imagine the screams in that room. 
Well, actually I heard the room went silent. 
The is how it happened:
"While showing off Picasso's Le Reve to several friends, Steve gestured to make a point and accidentally pushed his elbow right into the painting, causing a "pop" and an elbow sized hole."
Everyone in the room went quiet, According to the CBC."
And this happened the day before he was to sell it at the highest amount for a painting ever. 
$130 million.
Steve filled a claim with his insurance, and the claim was not paid!
The insurance company did settle out of court after he sued them.
The moral of the story?
I don't have my paintings insured, nor do I have lawyers to help me settle out of court if I should accidentally harm one of the paintings in the tube.
Here is the Picasso that was poked,

Wish me luck when I open my tube.
Be Inspired,

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Creating your Perfect Studio

Creating your Perfect Studio

What does it take to make the perfect space for you to create your masterpiece?
There are lots of ideas in art magazines that can help you with this.
I have been trying for what seems like years to get my studio together. I use the word studio loosely here because what my studio is a small bedroom in my home.
For years I painted on the dining room table. Each night putting everything away so we could have dinner on the table. Then I moved to a small card table, this I did not have to put away each night.
Once my daughter moved away from home I converted her bedroom to my studio/guest room.
It's really not easy to stay focused and be productive when your art supplies are all over the place.
It's so important to be comfortable in your space. Open the windows for light, get shelves up and  organize your art material, turn the heat up when it's cold.
The BIGGEST THING IS..When I'm painting in my studio I am not to be interrupted.
I do not have a computer in there, TV or my phone.
The best way for me to stay focused is to use my egg times for 60 min.
That's 60 min. of uninterrupted time to paint.
Do I listen to music?
Surprise, I listen to NPR radio.
I say paint, wherever you can, whenever you can. The most important thing is to paint each day. I try to do a little pencil work each day.
Practice, practice , practice.
Not every painting will be framed. With me only one out of nine is framed.
Things to consider:
  1. Natural light. Open the curtains let the sun shine in.
  2. Work Space. Table, comfortable chair, plenty of room for an easel.
  3. Organization. You have to be able to find your art material quickly.
  4. Inspiration. Music, candles, flowers. Whatever it takes for you to be motivated and want to be in this space.
  5. Clean Up. Yes, you must clean up after each painting session. Nothing will kill the mood of painting then a messy table.
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

painting for sale

Jean Hart Artwork
Painting for sale 

framed, 36" x 34" 
Jean Hart 
This painting has many awards and a recognition in an Italian Magazine.
I would like to sell this 

Father's Day Gifts

June's here and it's time to think about gifts for Father's Day.
Zazzle is having a sale just for Dad.
I invite you to my online store to check out all the cool stuff.
Feel free to cruise around zazzle .


Narcissus, acrylic, jean hart
To see this painting up close click link 
In the first days of summer all I want to do is sit in the sun and read.
Of course that only lasts for about an hour and then my mind starts planning!!!
With my first summer vacation behind me I'm already thinking about the next trip.
"You are young at any age if you're planning for tomorrow." Anonymous,
( he is very wise!!)
I am someone who always has plans.
My son gave me a little tip,
"Do something today that will make you happy tomorrow."
I think that's good advice. Planning makes me happy, it gives me something to look forward to and it keeps me interested in life.
5 strategies for moving forward with a plan.
Make a commitment. What ever it is, commit to it.
Start small. Pick just one or two things to do.
Stick with it. It's so easy to give up.
 Ask yourself if this is really what you want to do,or need to do.
Grow. Often one idea becomes another and another and soon your off doing amazing things!!
Summer plan????
Swim everyday, yoga everyday,
Be outside everyday, walking or sitting.
Read everyday, I'm reading little french books.
Paint everyday, I bought a 5' 7' pad of canvas to paint on.
Cook good food everyday, fresh for the season.
and watch movies, listen to music, and laugh everyday.
Travel somewhere you've never been. 
Always have a plan, it's a must.
Be Inspired,

High Heels or Flats?

One more week and school will be out. Then summer begins.
High heels or Flats?
It's summer, say no to high heels.
These will be my shoes for the next three months.
I just think flats give you more energy. For me they are certainly easier to walk in.
Since I injured my lower back, I really haven't been able to wear high heels.
I have tried and each time I have had to abandon them and walk around in bare feet.
So yes, bring on the flats.
I have been shopping around and  have found so many cute styles in flats.
My little dressed up ones with the gold bows are great with dresses.
So, just relax. You can style have style wearing flats. 
Be Inspried,

Monday, June 1, 2015

Breathless- Jean-Luc Godard - Trailer

Why not set up a back yard projector and have a movie night this summer

Jean-Luc Godard's off-the cuff masterpiece represents a transformation in the cinematic paradigm rendering all film as being before or after its entry into the cinematic milky way in 1959. Belmondo,Seberg, the jump cut and fast film stock with location shooting are some of the aspects of the cinema's most