Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jean Hart Artwork 
Working with the 
Artists Muse collections of cards. 

Creating your masterpiece! 
Today I pulled three cards from the deck. 
If you have ever thought I just don't know what to paint. 
This cards are a great way to jump start your creativity. 
You can do one card or two or mix all three together. It's all up to you.

Circles of Growth: Use one fully saturated color, one dull color (neutralized with black or the color's complement) and one pale color. 
Windows of opportunity: Place an assortment of found objects on the surface of your paper. Use rice, metal rings, keys, spaghetti, any interesting shapes. Spray around these objects gesso watered down to the consistency of skim milk. Let dry. Use this as the surface for your painting. 
Doors of Awareness: Do a totally nonobjective painting use only geometric shapes. If you wish, add numbers. 
This is going to be very interesting when it is completed. 
Be Inspired,
Please, feeling free to share your finished artwork, comment, and share with other's.