Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Narcissus, acrylic, jean hart
To see this painting up close click link 
In the first days of summer all I want to do is sit in the sun and read.
Of course that only lasts for about an hour and then my mind starts planning!!!
With my first summer vacation behind me I'm already thinking about the next trip.
"You are young at any age if you're planning for tomorrow." Anonymous,
( he is very wise!!)
I am someone who always has plans.
My son gave me a little tip,
"Do something today that will make you happy tomorrow."
I think that's good advice. Planning makes me happy, it gives me something to look forward to and it keeps me interested in life.
5 strategies for moving forward with a plan.
Make a commitment. What ever it is, commit to it.
Start small. Pick just one or two things to do.
Stick with it. It's so easy to give up.
 Ask yourself if this is really what you want to do,or need to do.
Grow. Often one idea becomes another and another and soon your off doing amazing things!!
Summer plan????
Swim everyday, yoga everyday,
Be outside everyday, walking or sitting.
Read everyday, I'm reading little french books.
Paint everyday, I bought a 5' 7' pad of canvas to paint on.
Cook good food everyday, fresh for the season.
and watch movies, listen to music, and laugh everyday.
Travel somewhere you've never been. 
Always have a plan, it's a must.
Be Inspired,