Monday, June 15, 2015

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Everything About Paris
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Which is Paris's Oldest Caf'e? ?
1.  Le Procope 
2. Cafe de Fore
3. Les Deux Magots 
4. Brasserie Lipp

Le Procope
Founded by a Sicillian named Antonio Procopio, Le Procope, in the 6th arrondissenment, dates from 1686 and is the oldest cafe in Paris.  Cafe de Fore, Les Deux Magots and Brasserie Lipp are also in the 6th and are each over 200 years old. Writers such as Honore de Balzac, Victor Hugo and Oscar Wilde frequented all of them. 

Now just think for a minute, a coffee house that's over 200 years old!!! That alone is worth seeing. 
One of the first phases I learned when I was teaching myself French was how to order coffee with cream. 
"Cafe avec de la creme sil vous plait?
Here are some images of the Le Procope. 
Looks pretty good for being over 200 years old. 

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