Sunday, June 7, 2015

Everything About Paris

Everything About Paris
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What was Louis XIV's favorite water?

1. Chateldon
2. Badoit
3. Volvic
4. Perrier.


1. Chateldon

Famous among water aficionados for the lightness and delicacy of its natural bubbles, Chateldon was the favorite of Louis XIV. At the time, it was carried by mule from its spring at Auvergne to Paris. Today, it is bottled at its source in very limited quantities. Chateldon is expensive and available at high-end restaurants and markets. 

I guessed Perrier. That is the France water available to me in restaurants and markets.
Lately, I have been watching a lot of Sommerlier wine master documentaries on Netfilx.
The one I liked was called , Somm. 
Very interesting how they have to learn so much about the regions and grapes. 
I thought that it might be fun to learn more about wines. Not to become a master, but to understand how to appreciate wine and serve it correctly.
If you are interested in that YouTube has many short films on it. 
 Drink up and be Merry.
My favorite Toast is 
Bon le vive
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