Sunday, June 28, 2015

Transformation Summer 2015

Transformation Summer 2015
Summer is here and along came high temperatures.
It was time to cut my hair again. I have now given into the idea that I will always have short hair now. 
I have had some trips already this summer and days of lazy dog days of relaxing and reading.
I finished my 50 wooden block of original artwork for ArtOMat and sent them off. 
On Friday, I went to have my health screen done.
It screens for body composition, blood pressure, cholesterol/lipid profile, blood glucose.
I'm happy to say I passed two of the four tests. 
Unfortunately, my weight is what is getting me. Every time!
I will be going to a health and wellness couch in July.
I have also started back on the USANA shake program.
I have been on a plateau for nearly 9 months, 
I gained 7 lbs for the holidays and have not been able to lose it.
I need help.
Today's card from the 
Wisdom for Healing cards 
Caroline Myss 

Seriously I shuffle these cards and look what came up.
Today's Lesson:
Eat only the foods that are good for you. Perhaps this is something you normally do, in which case you should feel very good about how well you're caring for yourself. Most people, however, know that they should be more attentive to this area, but find it difficult. 
Your Goal:
to practice healthy nutrition. 
 Yes, I can do that.......with no parties or company today, I will not find myself in the kitchen making fun and entertaining foods. I have also noticed that I can no longer drink wine.
I will let you know how the health coach goes in July.
My goal is still 57 lbs away. 
Be Inspired,