Sunday, June 28, 2015

Perfectionism for an Artist

Jean Hart Artwork*

Just writing the word has made me shiver. 
While trying to be perfect with my art these are the things I have perfected.;
increased stress, decreased productivity, irritation with co artists, never ask for input, stress-related physical disorders, high b/p, loss of hair, weight gain, over confidence, and competition of spirit, 
and yet I still felt my perfectionism was paying off. 
Pen and Ink Elephant, Jean Hart Artwork 
Creativity and perfection go together like fire and water.
They just don't mix.
I can not remember when I started to think that my art needed to step up.
It may have come when I was showing my artwork in solo shows and just about had a break down.
But, when I look back at it. I believe it was when I first entered my first acrylic painting into the county fair and won the largest and prestigious La Vern Hunt award. 
Where do you go from there!!! 
I thought," can I keep that kind of standard up?" 
Being creative when you are first starting out. Especially, when you are showing your work publicly requires a certain amount of risk, taking leaps of faith. 
When you are first learning a new technique, it just can't be perfect. You will make mistakes. 
Make a wish, digital, Jean Hart Artwork 

Perfection is such a sabotager. It's very nature asks you not to take risks, leaps, or even be curious. 
You become stuck in painting the same things because , people liked that, after all you won an award for that tree. 
The worst part of perfectionism is that it makes you not want to go into the studio.
I spent many hours just reading books on art, watching videos and organizing my art supplies. 
Did I paint during this time. NO WAY!! 
Let me just say now that thank goodness this perfectionism state did not last long. 
I look at art everyday. Everyday I am amazed at the artwork 
I see in museums, magazines, and on the Internet.  
It's just a good lesson for any artists to understand that there will always be someone better then you.
Someone who writes better, draws better, paints better. 
But they are not you. They do not have your ideas, your life experiences, or your talent. 
I believe, while my artwork might not be perfect, it is the best I can do at the time I painted it.
Here is a little story:
I have painted in many styles. 
I am always surprised what sells. I have painted pieces that took me months to create and thinking this is the best piece of art I have ever created, and it never sold. 
I painted a little abstract and the crowd went crazy!!!
So calm down. If we knew what people wanted, we would paint that. 
The trouble is they don't know what they want until they see it. 
So, paint. Paint what you like, what you connect to, and it will turn out to be creative and as perfect as a living piece of artwork can be. 
Be Inspired,