Sunday, June 7, 2015

My Nightmare

Jean Hart Artwork 

Have you ever had a nightmare? I mean a toss and turn, sweaty dream where you tried to scream and couldn't.......
Guess what showed up on my door step yesterday? 
Yup, that's it. The paintings from the auction I won on the cruise.
Them came Friday and as yet I haven't opened it yet.
Because I'm nervous. I had this horrible dream that I tore one of the paintings.
So I'm waiting until I have a clean open space to open and lay them out.
Do you remember when Steve Wynn- the Las Vegas casino magnate accidentally poked a hole in a Picasso? 
Oh man, can you imagine the screams in that room. 
Well, actually I heard the room went silent. 
The is how it happened:
"While showing off Picasso's Le Reve to several friends, Steve gestured to make a point and accidentally pushed his elbow right into the painting, causing a "pop" and an elbow sized hole."
Everyone in the room went quiet, According to the CBC."
And this happened the day before he was to sell it at the highest amount for a painting ever. 
$130 million.
Steve filled a claim with his insurance, and the claim was not paid!
The insurance company did settle out of court after he sued them.
The moral of the story?
I don't have my paintings insured, nor do I have lawyers to help me settle out of court if I should accidentally harm one of the paintings in the tube.
Here is the Picasso that was poked,

Wish me luck when I open my tube.
Be Inspired,