Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's time to travel!!!
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's scary and fun at the same time??????

Happy Pink Saturday!!
what's scary and fun at the same time???
driving on a one lane bridge!!!
Stay safe this week end
be inspired,
enjoy my first YouTube video

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How do you know if you are the one inspiring or being inspired?


What moves you to the point that you must do something and then share it with someone?
Inspiring is doing something bold or courageous and then passing this high energy along to someone else.
How do you know if you are the one inspiring or being inspired?
I moved completely away from home at a tender age of 18. With no friends to a new city, college and barely no money.
Was that inspiring?
I married at 21 and again moved far from home to a city with no family or friends, with only $100.00 and no where to live.
Was that inspiring?
Being brave, vibrant, and as authentic as you can in living your life.
Yes, I think that's inspiring.
Telling how I left a job as a baker when I read a fortune cookie that said,
"Move in a different direction to begin your dream life".
Yes, that was inspired!
I hope that I don't just tell people about being inspired, I hope they are inspired by watching how I live my life. How sometimes taking a risk works out, being bold is exciting, taking chances makes your heart beat faster, by picking yourself up after a disappointment and moving forward after a good cry.
Keep moving forward...keep up the curiosity....keep the ideas and concepts coming.
I love this little abstract painting. It was my first atempt at painting concepts. Everytime I look at it I see something new. It Inspires Me.
Show yourself to the world.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have you ever dreamed so hard that when you awake you were exhausted?

Have you ever dreamed so hard that when you awake you were exhausted?
drawing from my health journal, Jean Hart
I have been "told", that God didn't create any illness without also creating the remedy.
As I look at this "healing" path that I'm on, I have to wonder.
Is every experience a blessing? Does my own healing exists within me?
I am certain that the Universe and spiritual traditions have many things in common and teach us everyday.
But still, I have my moments of doubt. Not to say that I have given up on prayer, meditations, gratitude and thankfulness.
It just feels like sometimes doors are closing and I'm crawling to find a window.
This week there has been a back slide on my knees. I found a new joint supplement at the health store called, Instaflex, I have started to take that too. Along with so many other supplements my pill box barley closes.
I am clearly feeling like the ugly duckling right now. My last visit to the salon left my hair a greenish brown!!! and my exercise is non existed so I'm feeling exhausted.
So, now begins the "pick yourself up and get on with life anyway", part of blogging.
I have two month to pull myself  together for Matt's wedding.
Along with a family many people my anxiety is already going up.
So, for now, lets begin:
1. no sugar, that I am aware of.
2. no extra carbs, NO lets make that NO MORE CHIPS!!!
4. water, water, water.......
5 add some positive thoughts to life, just to remember that everyday is magic.
OK lets just start with that.
"the secret of life
is not to resist,
But to ride the tide
In search of your bliss"    Michael Dooley

and I say, this too will pass........lets hope I find my legs soon and get out of this funk!!!
Be Inspired,


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Friends are not by accident

Spring Creek Marina, acrylic, 16" x 24" Jean Hart
There are no accidents,
we don't meet people by accident. We meet them when we are out and about and open. People are meant to come into our lives for a reason.
Be Inspired,
artwork by Jean Hart
Spring Creek Marina*

Monday, May 20, 2013

Blue Monday

Rainbow Forrest, watercolor, by Jean Hart*
Everyday you step a thousand ways
Everyday you express yourself a thousand ways,
Everyday you choose a thousand ways to be you,
The line is unbroken, unspoken, and clearly chosen,
your path is your way.
Be Inpsired,

Friday, May 17, 2013


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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Amazing Abstract artwork

Contempory artwork
This just proves how a viewer must bring their own experiences to a painting. How do you connect to this?????
Are you amazed, or bored?
Do you feel the energy?
Do you see the vision?
Abstract espressionist artwork brings the viewer into...
the artwork work. It makes you part of the artwork.
I love this......I'm wondering how can I paint something so emotional?
Be Inspired,

A Rose

A Rose,
colored pencil by Jean Hart
Every flower you see, try to remember,
that before it bloomed,
it had to push it's way through,
a whole lot of dirt and darkness.
Be Inspired,
A Rose, colored pencil, by artist Jean Hart

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wouldn't you like to be the kind of person who has fine art postage stamps?

People ask me why I paint???

People ask me why I paint???
 I think it's a silly question, but, they look so serious when they ask me.
I think it's because as a child I was very shy. Words would not come to me. I think in a different life I expressed myself more clearly and concise.  Now as an adult words are flying all around me and my paintings help to express them in a more flowing and comprehensive way.
I paint because it's fun. Because it makes me feeling free. I paint my life mostly. If you are in my life, and some how have made an impression on me, there's a good chance that you will find yourself in one of my paintings. Of course, I will never tell.
I love to hear how people relate to my paintings. What they see, what they feel.
I paint with my soul of curiosity. I paint what I like and I put words to the painting that inspire me.
I hope people like what I do, enjoy the artwork and connect to it.
But if not, well, that's fine too. My job is simply to create. Not judge it, change it to fit someone else ideal of art or impress you.
The artwork is mine to share with you.
Paint your toes, your house, your face. Paint pictures of your family and your life.
 Just create and express yourself. That's what I do.
Painting is part of my healing. It was there when nothing else was. It gave me a way to express my pain, and my love, and my life.
I paint everyday. I read about art everyday. I look at artwork everyday.
Art is my life, I am art.
Be Inspired,

Monday, May 13, 2013


Are you feeling inside the circle, or do you hang outside the circle?

Blue Monday
Blue Monday, circles, by artist
Jean Hart
Circles, awe, what can I say about circles?
Circles are everywhere, mostly circles are about cycles. No ending, no beginning......
But not when you paint them. There is a beginning, and hopefully the ending,  if your lucky will match up with the beginning again.
Are you feeling inside the circle, or do you hang outside the circle?
My circle, your circle, inside the circle of trust, circle of goes on, on, and on....
Beware of running around inside the circle's, because a circle once inside can trap you in and hold you there.
I have painted a lot of circles. When I went through a period of mandala paintings. All the mandala paintings are circles.
Circles will make you crazy, but Mondays will make you manic.
Be Inspired,

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Art Exhibit

I will be at the Highland Estates Art Sale today, selling cards and prints from 3-6pm The reception is 6-8pm, Come on over, I would love to meet you.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Love greeting card,
artwork by
Jean Hart

Blessed....What are merciful actions?

I was given a set of healing cards. They are so beautifully written.
By Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso
After I have pulled a card and sat with it for awhile, I like to try to give images to the words.
"Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
Mercy is a rare word, one hardly spoken. What are merciful actions?
Not judging another; speaking with kind words;
thinking compassionate thoughts about others.
May acts of mercy
come your way.
The first saying, from Psalm 41 of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament, offers an astute psychological insight that is recognized increasingly today. Absorption in our own troubles, or in our unending need for gratification, creates a negative momentum that can lead not only to Narcissus, but to addictive and high-risk behavior as well. When we move the focus of our attention from ourselves to others, we also remove an enormous burden from our backs. The need to satisfy our unrealistically high expectations. As the Dalai Lama might put it,
 compassion is its own reward."
Well, there is it. So well put that I can not offer another word.
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

create, you can, you do

 CREATE something from nothing, something wonderful, beautiful, something with your hands.
Create a garden big or small, something the butterflies will want to come and visit you in.
Create a song while you are cleaning, or bake a new dish.
So many times I hear people tell me, "I'm not creative", I can't draw or cook, or paint."
I say, you are creative in everything you do, everyday in your live.
I love wearing scarfs, but for the life of me, I tell my daughter every time I wear one, "I can't tie it right!!!" Thankfully, she shows me again, and again, and again. I'm getting better. She creates the folds so gracefully.
You can do it, you all ready do.

Kitchen magnet
Fine art for the finer things in life
Jean Hart Artwork

HOPE, kitchen magnet
Be Inpsired,


Don’t move the way fear makes you move.
Move the way love makes you move.
~ Osho ~
Judy Jamerson, dancer,
drawing by artist
Jean Hart

Technical Tuesday

Technical Tuesday
This little exercise is so perfect. I am preparing to paint my next painting for the "Elements" art show and it is Water. The water painting I want to paint  will have coy fish.
Today we will learn how to paint fish in a bowl.
This exercise comes from Eileen Sorg.
l. use a light, cool gray to outline the shape of the fishbowl and shade areas of the goldfish. Then add darker outlines to the bowl using a medium, warm gray. Bring in some light cerulean blue for the water.
2. add blue-gray to the bottom of the bowl and along the surface of the water.
3. Lighten the outlines of the fish with an eraser; then fill them in with bright yellow. Apply dark pink over the gray areas on the fish.
4. Create the mouths with black. Then accent the fish with red and erase any remaining pencil lines.
Oh, they are so cute. This was a great practice with circles and making everything look symmetric.
Have fun with this.
Little Coy Fish, ink and colored pencil
by Jean Hart
Be Inspired,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Be Inpsired,
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The Month of May, Guess who's birthday it is on the 18th?

May's Aspects
May Flowers, acrylic, Jean Hart
I love May.
Tulips are coming up and I even see green grass!!
The month of May was named after the goddess Maia, the goddess of spring, she who brings forth life. Appropriately enough, it became the month of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.
Full moon aspect: Hare moon or frogs return moon.
Universal event: Flowers coming forth, the potential for creation of the new harvest.
Communal event: the May Eve festival initiates this month, but no other Sabbaths occur. This is still a month for chastity and cleaning up one's life. Making trysts, commitments, or marriages is not allowed, because the month of the queen of May is unlucky for tying the knot.
Message: To propagate or not, to enjoy sex or be celibate. your choice.
activity: Sexual encounters or complete abstinence
Healing properties: Fevers and infections.
Color: Hazel, pink
Tree: Hawthorne
Flower: Lily
Creature: Magpie, dove
Gem: Emerald
From:The Grandmother of Time
May is also the month that I will be participating in an
Invitational art exhibit.
Highland Estates, May 10 - 18, 2013
Six original fine art for sale.
I invite you to join me if you are in Elko, NV
Just one more fun little bit before I leave you to plan your month of May.
May 18, Feast of Pan, (Greek)
On this day, women and men celebrate men.
Pan is all that is male in the universe. Pan is represented by a wild, but good-looking man, not your deodorized modern type. He has hooves because many of the male animals he represents in nature have hooves. He has horns for the same reason: He is hairy, and he usually sports an erect penis. He plays the flute divinely. He is the son of the Earth. He is not a patriarch who oppresses women. He is, however, all male.
Pan likes parities with wine, song, and women. Invoke him in some wild place or burn patchouli on your altar in his honor. He is not that of a warrior but of the lover. Give a party for men today. Let the men define this,
What is manhood without violence or competition?
Well, I do love Greek mythology. There is another Greek story I love, you can visit my blog for that one. Psyche and Eros
Be Inspired,

Thank You new April Friends

Many, many thank yous!
Welcome all my New Friends who have come to join me during the month of April. Thank YOU ALL!!
Jean Hart Artwork continues to grow only because you allow me to share my artwork, thoughts, and life.
I am so grateful that you have supported my blog. With deep  respect and gratitude,  understand that I do this blog with my whole heart and soul.
Feel free to comment and share when you feel moved to. I love interesting conversations and would love to hear from all of you.
Be Inspired,