Tuesday, May 14, 2013

People ask me why I paint???

People ask me why I paint???
 I think it's a silly question, but, they look so serious when they ask me.
I think it's because as a child I was very shy. Words would not come to me. I think in a different life I expressed myself more clearly and concise.  Now as an adult words are flying all around me and my paintings help to express them in a more flowing and comprehensive way.
I paint because it's fun. Because it makes me feeling free. I paint my life mostly. If you are in my life, and some how have made an impression on me, there's a good chance that you will find yourself in one of my paintings. Of course, I will never tell.
I love to hear how people relate to my paintings. What they see, what they feel.
I paint with my soul of curiosity. I paint what I like and I put words to the painting that inspire me.
I hope people like what I do, enjoy the artwork and connect to it.
But if not, well, that's fine too. My job is simply to create. Not judge it, change it to fit someone else ideal of art or impress you.
The artwork is mine to share with you.
Paint your toes, your house, your face. Paint pictures of your family and your life.
 Just create and express yourself. That's what I do.
Painting is part of my healing. It was there when nothing else was. It gave me a way to express my pain, and my love, and my life.
I paint everyday. I read about art everyday. I look at artwork everyday.
Art is my life, I am art.
Be Inspired,