Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have you ever dreamed so hard that when you awake you were exhausted?

Have you ever dreamed so hard that when you awake you were exhausted?
drawing from my health journal, Jean Hart
I have been "told", that God didn't create any illness without also creating the remedy.
As I look at this "healing" path that I'm on, I have to wonder.
Is every experience a blessing? Does my own healing exists within me?
I am certain that the Universe and spiritual traditions have many things in common and teach us everyday.
But still, I have my moments of doubt. Not to say that I have given up on prayer, meditations, gratitude and thankfulness.
It just feels like sometimes doors are closing and I'm crawling to find a window.
This week there has been a back slide on my knees. I found a new joint supplement at the health store called, Instaflex, I have started to take that too. Along with so many other supplements my pill box barley closes.
I am clearly feeling like the ugly duckling right now. My last visit to the salon left my hair a greenish brown!!! and my exercise is non existed so I'm feeling exhausted.
So, now begins the "pick yourself up and get on with life anyway", part of blogging.
I have two month to pull myself  together for Matt's wedding.
Along with a family many people my anxiety is already going up.
So, for now, lets begin:
1. no sugar, that I am aware of.
2. no extra carbs, NO lets make that NO MORE CHIPS!!!
4. water, water, water.......
5 add some positive thoughts to life, just to remember that everyday is magic.
OK lets just start with that.
"the secret of life
is not to resist,
But to ride the tide
In search of your bliss"    Michael Dooley

and I say, this too will pass........lets hope I find my legs soon and get out of this funk!!!
Be Inspired,