Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Technical Tuesday

Technical Tuesday
This little exercise is so perfect. I am preparing to paint my next painting for the "Elements" art show and it is Water. The water painting I want to paint  will have coy fish.
Today we will learn how to paint fish in a bowl.
This exercise comes from Eileen Sorg.
l. use a light, cool gray to outline the shape of the fishbowl and shade areas of the goldfish. Then add darker outlines to the bowl using a medium, warm gray. Bring in some light cerulean blue for the water.
2. add blue-gray to the bottom of the bowl and along the surface of the water.
3. Lighten the outlines of the fish with an eraser; then fill them in with bright yellow. Apply dark pink over the gray areas on the fish.
4. Create the mouths with black. Then accent the fish with red and erase any remaining pencil lines.
Oh, they are so cute. This was a great practice with circles and making everything look symmetric.
Have fun with this.
Little Coy Fish, ink and colored pencil
by Jean Hart
Be Inspired,