Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Month of May, Guess who's birthday it is on the 18th?

May's Aspects
May Flowers, acrylic, Jean Hart
I love May.
Tulips are coming up and I even see green grass!!
The month of May was named after the goddess Maia, the goddess of spring, she who brings forth life. Appropriately enough, it became the month of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God.
Full moon aspect: Hare moon or frogs return moon.
Universal event: Flowers coming forth, the potential for creation of the new harvest.
Communal event: the May Eve festival initiates this month, but no other Sabbaths occur. This is still a month for chastity and cleaning up one's life. Making trysts, commitments, or marriages is not allowed, because the month of the queen of May is unlucky for tying the knot.
Message: To propagate or not, to enjoy sex or be celibate. your choice.
activity: Sexual encounters or complete abstinence
Healing properties: Fevers and infections.
Color: Hazel, pink
Tree: Hawthorne
Flower: Lily
Creature: Magpie, dove
Gem: Emerald
From:The Grandmother of Time
May is also the month that I will be participating in an
Invitational art exhibit.
Highland Estates, May 10 - 18, 2013
Six original fine art for sale.
I invite you to join me if you are in Elko, NV
Just one more fun little bit before I leave you to plan your month of May.
May 18, Feast of Pan, (Greek)
On this day, women and men celebrate men.
Pan is all that is male in the universe. Pan is represented by a wild, but good-looking man, not your deodorized modern type. He has hooves because many of the male animals he represents in nature have hooves. He has horns for the same reason: He is hairy, and he usually sports an erect penis. He plays the flute divinely. He is the son of the Earth. He is not a patriarch who oppresses women. He is, however, all male.
Pan likes parities with wine, song, and women. Invoke him in some wild place or burn patchouli on your altar in his honor. He is not that of a warrior but of the lover. Give a party for men today. Let the men define this,
What is manhood without violence or competition?
Well, I do love Greek mythology. There is another Greek story I love, you can visit my blog for that one. Psyche and Eros
Be Inspired,