Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Go hug a tree

Jean Hart Artwork,*

Go Hug a Tree 
Finally, there's prof, but, I think I have always known it.
Hugging a tree is good for your health.
I took my son and his wife Andrea for a fun day at the park.
We hugged the trees and sat and meditated with them and listened the nature.
It' was so much fun and I'm sure the health benefits will be amazing. 
Here is a link tell read about it. 

Be Inspired,

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall is a time to be Thankful, and inspired,

Jean Hart Artwork*

Soul Song, acrylic, Jean Hart 
Fall is here and it's time to think about what you are thankful for.
If you need a little inspiration listen to this song and his story.

                                   Zach Sobiech

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jean Hart Artwork fine art Fall 2015 art Exhibit

Jean Hart Artwork 
Fall 2015 
Fine Art Exhibit 

I am currently in the process of pulling a file of all my artwork to be available in 5" x 7" prints for
Many of these images are already on my online store 
Jean Hart Artwork*
On my zazzle store you can purchase fine art posters and canvas images in many sizes. 
Thank You,
Jean Hart 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Finding and framing beauty

Jean Hart Artwork 
I am on a hunt.
I'm going to walk around my town and find beauty and frame it.
Sometimes the view is too big and we miss little details of our surroundings. 
I have lots of frames in my studio. I will pick one and try to find the beauty and frame it.
My hopes is that by doing this, I will accidental happen upon something I didn't see before.
Maybe it will be so beautiful that it will become my next painting. 

It was just alittle too hard to hold the frame and take a picture, so after awhile I would frame it, then just take a picture. 

After I got back home I put a digital frame around the pictures. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

All My Heart

Jean Hart Artwork 
All My Heart 
Jean Hart 

Here is a step by step of this painting,
Please enjoy my artwork 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

De toxin in October

It's October.
I love the Fall.
It's time for cozy warm blankets and fuzzy sweaters.
Last month I totally changed out all of my home cleaning products. 
I am now 100% toxic free cleaning in my home and car.
This month I am changing out all my vitamins.
My daughter has turned me on to Melaleuca products.
I am so grateful for Sarah's continue concern for my welfare. She came over to the house and told me about all the wonderful things this company does.
It's non toxic, cheaper and healthier.
Plus who doesn't like seeing the UPS man stop by the house each month? 
Slowly my life is changing.
I am in a transformation before my sixtieth birthday arrives.
Working with my Wellness Coach, we feel I now have my food and diet in hand.
Now the real work begins, exercise. Get Moving!
I have chosen swimming as my activity.
Since my feet are still pretty sore and since the Altitude sickness my back is torqued, I believe swimming is it.
Enjoy your Fall.
Some of my favorite things in Fall are :
Making homemade chili
hot coco with a good book
craving pumpkins
and going on ghost tours. 
Be Inspired,