Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 16, 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 16
28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Soul Song, acrylic, Jean Hart
The Honoring Path
"Today I am focusing on the energy of honoring in my life. I look at my choices, behaviors, and thoughts, asking: Does this honor me? No matter what, I muster up the courage to choose the truly honoring action and thought."
Honoring your path. I was given a new path right in the middle of what I thought was an awesome life. A great family, loving husband, and a job I liked.
But in one moment in time, it all changed. My path I honor now is not the  path I was seeking, or studying, or even envisioned for myself. IT'S BETTER!!!
Looking at my chooses and what I have had to do, I have been asked, 
 would I have changed anything?
Heck Yes!!
But those choices are behind me. Many of them were made when I was highly emotional, or stuck and asking for help. Which never came. I say help never came to me because,
first, I didn't know how to ask for help,
secondly, I didn't listen when someone offered helped,
and thirdly, I put too much faith in people I didn't really know.
"In the quest to change your destiny, the single most powerful thing you can do is to ask yourself: Does this honor me? When you start to make this question a focused part of your daily life, you'll begin to see major differences in how you fell and what you attract."
Does this honor me? Hard question if you don't know who you are in terms of, opinions, desires, wishes, hopes, dreams. To find out how to honor myself I have had to start making decisions for myself. I was devastated by my injury, truly lost and dependant on others. You lose yourself quickly when you depend on other people. I didn't trust my own instincts.  I started with small decisions, what to cook, foods I liked and what I made but didn't like, but the family did. Picking out my own clothes and colors. Stop saying yes when I meant no. Smiling and laughing at myself. I have made some hard chooses cutting out people who were not good for me. Changing many things I didn't like about myself. This has not happened just in these 16 days no, it's been going on for 10 years since my injury. Start small, so when the truly big decisions come you can stand grounded in your chooses.
Activities that Honor
2. "Try to do at least one good thing for yourself each day. Choose something purposeful, enjoyable, fulfilling, or just relaxing. create balance in your life, take care of yourself, and make your own goals and happiness a priority. remember that if you don't make yourself a priority, the Universe will have to follow suit."
Did you catch that last sentence? " If you don't make yourself a priority, the Universe will have to follow suit." BONK!!
I didn't ask for bad back, knees, neck, hips, but it sure slowed me down and gave me time to see how much I gave up of myself to please others.
Affirmations for Honoring Energy
"I live with integrity and dignity. Every day, I choose to honor myself in my thoughts, words, and behaviors."
For me this affirmation will be an on going one.
Today's assignment has been the hardest one yet. I can really only give you a small part of this little book. I really hope you go out and buy it for yourself. I started this book before Christmas thinking I would have it done before the new year. It has not been so easy, it's much more intense and many times I have to sit with the words and reflections for a day or two.
What's on my list today:
1. I have a few pictures of my childhood, not many. Some of the pictures are of me I don't recognize. I plan on putting these on a board and seeing what I can remember about this little girl.
Why have I allowed myself not to trust myself?
2. Superbowl, it's almost here. I plan on making a menu that not only everyone will enjoy but the good healthy foods that I must eat to honor my body.
3. Creating a new website for a new business I want to do for Jean Hart Artwork.
You see being an artist was not in my plans, it was in the Universes plans for me.
Be Inspired,
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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Starry Night, Vencent Van Gogh

The Starry Night
Vincent Van Gogh, 1889
For me Vincent Van Gogh's work is emotional and sensitive.
It is said that his paintings had a serious affect on his personal life.
This painting The Starry Night, was done while he was in a mental health asylum, after he lost the friendship of his dear friend Paul Gauguin. 
It is the scene outside of his window of the mental asylum. 
Some have guessed that he must of been suffering from syphilis, or been medicated when he painted this painting. This painting is all about symbolism.
He added the cypress tree, mountains on the horizon, and a church. Notice the church has no lights on. "....the painting's eleven swirling stars may also hold a meaning of their own. They are curiously reminiscent of an image from the Bible in which the beleaguered Patriarch Joseph saw eleven stars, representing his cruel brothers, bowing before him." DDG.
While I was looking at Vincent Van Gogh's work I came across this project.
OMGosh, I would so love to be part of this project. I will have to look through his work
and paint an inspired painting of Vincent, In His Honor.
Be Inspired,

Everything About Paris

Everything about Paris
History question
 True or False
Not only were Louis XV and Marie Antoinette beheaded, but so were several of Marie's cats.
Say it's not so!!
Although Marie Antoinette and Louis XV lost their heads at the Place de la Revolution, Marie's cats fared better. One theory is that she sent six of her cats to America, hoping she'd eventually get there herself; some believe these cats are the ancestors of the Maine Coon cat, the state cat of Maine.
click here if you want to learn about the Moon cat and see what they look like.
Be Inspired,
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 15, 28 days to a more magnetic life

Day 15
28 days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
This should be fun. I'm in need of some playfulness, fun, and laughter.
I just had a lump removed from my back.
Surgery went well. 10 stitches 4.4cm tumour removed. No swimming or yoga for a week.
So, yes lets have some fun.

"Throughout this day, I intend to practice the art of playfulness. I bring a more spontaneous and fun-loving attitude to all my activities. I know that my life can be a lot more entertaining if I intend it to be so.
I like playing backgammon. I have signed up with two different sites to play real people. I was playing against the computer for awhile, but I was not winning! No fun.
I have this idea, what would happen if I brought my backgammon board to the coffee house. 
 Would a strange engage in a game of backgammon?
Activities for inspiring playfulness
3. Let yourself laugh and smile more. This releases endorphins and increases serotonin levels, creating a greater sense of well-being. So make faces at yourself in the mirror, play games, look for the humor, and allow yourself to laugh."
Okay, well I have this one covered. First, because I love to laugh, tell jokes, hear jokes, and really have fun. This week because of my stitches, I'm a little bit more home bound, no yoga, no swimming, so I'm hoping to paint more in the studio. But, in between I'm planning on watching YOUTUBE COMEDY SHOWS.  Stand up comics get me laughing. I was going to put some of my favorites up here, but it's really more fun for you to browse through and find what makes you laugh.
Affirmations for stimulating playfulness
"I am letting go of the assumption that my life is a burden. Every day is a new adventure for me to enjoy."
YES! Just the other day I took a ride out to the SnoBowl. This is a down hill ski area we have near where I live. I have lived here for 28 years and have never seen it. The weather is so dry this year, we have hardly had any snow. I took a ride to check it out.  I was told they have chair lifts and thought maybe I could take a ride on one if nothing else. But, no! It was closed and no one was around.  It was a great adventure for the day.
So sad to see without snow.
OK, here you go, smile more, laugh more, and find new ways to see humor in your life.
Be Inspired,
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Here's a little film that Matthew Hart film and  screenwriter did on me.
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Thank YOU,

Make a wish 0122141255.mp4

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Make a Wish

Make a Wish
I love making wishes, so let me show you how I do it.
If you are going through a tunnel.
Hold your breath, lift pointer finger up, close your eyes, if you not driving, make wish, breath again once you are out of the tunnel.
Be Inspired,
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Everything About Paris

Everything About Paris
To qualify as haute couture, how many new designs must a couture house produce each year?
A. 25
B. 50
C. 100
D. 500
C. 100
The Chambre Syndicale, which sets strict rules for what can be considered haute couture, requires couture houses to produce 50 original designs twice each year. Because of such guidelines and changes in the world of fashion, the number of couture houses dwindled to fewer than 10 by the early 200's. At their peak, in the 1950's, there were more than 30 houses.
Now, I buy off the rack, or even on line, never touching the item or trying in on.
 What would it be like to have a original design? Where would I wear it?
Just this year I bought a fancy black dress for a Christmas party. I have gotten to wear it twice. Once for my art reception and then for my birthday. I never made it to the Christmas party.
But, does that mean I can never wear it again since I've been seen in it?
I have an old sewing machine that has traveled with me since I left home some 40 years ago. It still works and every now and then I have it cleaned up and maintained.
I'm thinking I should break it out and sew something up. I use to sew all my own clothes, the childrens and even Kerry's shirts.
It's a fun things to create your own clothes, but I'm no longer thinking it is cheaper.
But I will challenge myself to sew something this year.
I will keep you posted on that.
Be Inspired,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day 14, 28 Day to a more magnetic life

Day 14
28 Days to a more magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor
Falling In Love, acrylic, 36" x 36" Jean Hart Artwork
The Power of Love
Love is all around me. It's in my home, it's family, my pets, and in my adventures.
January is my birthday month so it's even in my mail box, emails, and texts.
Do not underestimate the power of compassion.
"Today I intend to approach the people and situations in my life with an attitude of heart. I see the world through caring eyes and stimulate the power of this emotion throughout my life."
Cupids Arrow, Jean Hart Artwork
I signed up with a website to send More Love Letters out into the world.
I love this idea. I left home at a very young age and never returned to live under my families roof again. When I left, there was no Internet, email, social network, or cell phone. When we called each other we were very aware of the long distant minutes. So, each day I went to the mail box with great anticipation of letters from family and friends.
I have gotten away from sending a hand written note, so joining this website has helped me to get back into the practise of letter writing. I enjoy writing these letters very much.
"Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Sending a caring intention to any difficulty situation or problematic person can often create more dramatic and immediate results than any other approach. Love is always in motion, so consciously focusing its energies will bring healing, harmony, and successful results to your life. and to the lives, of others. Let yourself remember this option whenever a sticky situation comes up."
My challenge for you today is to write a letter, and if you have no one to send a letter to, write yourself a love letter.  Make it a sweet event. Go shop for the perfect card, the best pen, a unique stamp. Really put some care into this. I also use melted wax on the evevelope to seal it. I promise you the return back to you is so much more then you will ever expect.
Loving Affirmations
"I send my love to all I see. Many times a day, I think, feel, and say the work love with heartfelt intention."
pencil drawing by Jean Hart
Be Inspired,

Another Trip Around The Sun

Another Trip Around The Sun
It's my Birthday!!
It happens every year, so far. 
When I was little we made signs with our age and Dad would take a pictures of us holding our signs.
We loved it!!
2014 has started and I'm doing great.
My scans and x-rays on my back showed that I was making good progress and my L4 has even moved back into alignment, just ever so slightly. But huge!!! I was told that NEVER happens.
So I'm looking forward to a happy, healthy, strong, and ALIVE 2014.
I use to sign all my letters with
"Make a Wish."
I wish on candles, turkey breast bones, lucky pennies, going through tunnels and over bridges.
I never once think that they wont come true.
Here's the way I look at wishes, I make a wish, the Universe hears it, the order is in and then I wait for the Universe to move mountains to make it happen.
Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true.
Are you prepared to have all your wishes come true?
Be Inspired,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 13, 28 Day to a more magnetic life

Day 13
28 Days to a more magnetic life,
Sandra Anne Taylor
Peaceful Relaxation
Well, I can tell you right now that today is not peaceful but it will be relaxing later today.
Why, because my kitty, Jax, is sick. He has crystals in his bladder.  I must feed him special food and give him medication. I also drip water into he's mouth with a dropper because he is dehydrated.
I'm somewhat exhausted, not sure what that's all about. Bone tired really, could be the exercise or diet, or both.
But yes the relaxation part of the day will come around four when I go to yoga.
"Today I'm bringing a peaceful approach to all that I do. Instead of hurrying and worrying, I remain calm, relaxed, and unruffled. I choose peace in my body and my mind."
Really, truly, this is what I needed for today. Aside from a few trips around town this should be a peaceful day at home.
"In this hectic and chaotic world, a peaceful vibration is very appealing. Since it calms your energy, a daily approach of peaceful relaxation is a dynamic part of your magnetic life force. On the other hand, living in stress, running around, and fretting about every little thing will destroy your peace and project an agitated and upsetting vibration. "
Peaceful vibration. I like that. This week is my Birthday. I wanted to get my nails done since we are all dressing up for a fine dining dinner and a martini bar late night. But I'm a little short on cash. Guess what came in the mail yesterday? It was a refund check from the hospital. I overpaid them and they sent my money back to me!!! Just In Time for me to have my nails done.
Is that what they call Law of Attraction?
Trust that what you need will come to you when you need it?
Peaceful Activities
2. Let go of your inner conflict and the need for control. Whatever may be going on, when you choose trust instead of fear, you'll experience a profound sense of peace as you approach every issue."
I have to say, that I am slowing down. I love my 30 day challenge to change your life. I has put order into my life. I do like to check things off my list.
I have started to put my appt. in my phone. I didn't think I would like that so much, but it has really saved me from overbooking a day.
Jax, my kitty now has appts. of his own to keep.
Affirmations for a Peaceful Life
"As I go through my day, I am beginning to notice more opportunities to release tension and just relax."
Okay, so let me share something that I have just started to do. I try to swim each day, but of course that doesn't happen. So, now it's swim one day do yoga the next day....
But what I have found is that I can get audio books on my phone. I wear a bathing cap, (really, not going for looks and beauty here), and plug in the earphones and while I tread water I'm listening to a book. COOL!!. Someone once told me if I could just tread water for and hour or so that would help me lose weight. I get a little bored so this idea has been so useful.
I also listen to Pandora music, too.
Be Inspired,


Lucky Penny


 Yes, I was given a book of's a five year diary!!!
It wouldn't be me if I didn't share this with you. Don't worry this will not be a everyday post....
January 16th
Do you owe someone money? Does someone owe you?
I have some fun stories about money.
I'm a pretty luckily girl. I find money on the ground all the time: pennies, dimes, and once even a $20.00 in the parking lot.
Now I don't always keep the pennies, sometimes I say a little prayer and throw them back over my shoulder so someone else can have good luck too.
One day I was in a parking lot and came across a penny, I picked up the penny and said my prayer and wish of good fortune and threw it over my. Next, I hear a terrible shouting, and swearing, "****Did I just get hit by a penny!!"
Well, I tell you, I just kept walking.
Now I ask you, was that good luck for him or bad karma for me?
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Everything About Paris

Everything about Paris
True or False
The best way to get a taxi in Paris is to hail one from the curb.
It is next to impossible to hail a taxi from the curb. If you need a cab, go to a large hotel, where they tend to queue up, or have your hotel or restaurant call for one. It is not necessary to tip Paris taxicab drivers, but they always appreciate it if you round up to the nearest euro.
When we were in Seattle, we used the monorail, a lot. But as the days went by and my knees and back were starting to hurt, I learned how to hail a taxi cab at the curb.
It was great fun!!!
I had seen it done on movies, just stick your arm up and they start coming.
Sarah and I got very good at it.
Surprising,  it wasn't that much more expensive and it was worth being taken right to the place you wanted to go.
Just a tip, Seattle cab drivers want to be tipped.
Be Inspired,

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I invite you to check out my on line store, everything is 15% off!! cards, stamps, tote bage, magnets........everything. make sure you hit the what's new button*

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Change Your Life in 30 Days

Change Your Life In 30 Days
I listened to a TED Talk not too long ago. It was about changing your life in 30 day challenges.
I thought that would be a good challenge with the new year.
So, I made a grease board and put in some of the things I would like to change and some of the things I would like to add to my life.
Now, I was warned that I should only be changing one thing about myself every thrity days.
But, I have so much to do, so much to change, so much to improve on.
I am one of these lets just jump in. A net or the ground will show up.
So above is my chart. It took me awhile to make it the way it will work for me.
It's broke out in weeks, and on the left are the things I will be tracking.
I have seven things to track each day!!!!!
I don't think they are that much to ask for. The TED Talk said after I complete 30days these will be a part of my life and then I can add another 30 day challenge.
So wish me luck. and I challenge you to make your own chart.
Be Inspired,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

fine art puzzles

I'm so excited. My Fine Art Puzzles came in. They are packaged in this beautiful black box with the picture right in front.
Size 10''/14''
I will be taking them to the Northeast Nevada Museum gift store.
You can also buy directly from my zazzle store.
Be Inspired,

Jean Hart Artwork
New Tote Bag
Above all else: Be true to yourself

Everything abut Paris

True or False
The Seine runs from north to south through Paris?
The Seine actually runs from east to west through Paris, which means the Left Bank is to the south, and Right Bank is to the north.
Love to Travel,
Be Inspired,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It's time to travel....
Day 12
28 Days to a magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor

I Love Greek Mythology. This painting is named Narcissus. Do you know the story?
I made it a girl, she looks in the water and falls in love with herself.
I'm starting to feel just a bit self centered about this journey. It seems its all about me, and how I feel and what I want to do. But, in truth, it is because I have put myself to the sidelines helping others and not taking care of myself that I find myself in this position.
Today is about
Letting Go of Lack

Narcissus, acrylic, 34" x 36" Jean Hart

"Today I am focusing on abundance and letting go of lack. Whenever I catch myself longing for something I don't have, I smile and tell myself: That would be nice, but I don't need it to be happy. I have the option and power to be happy now."

Letting go of lack for me is not about material things. For me right now it's about my physical body, its needs, and it limits.
The things I look at and want in abundance is physical strength. I look at athletes, and say, I want to do that. It would be nice to run, hike, bike. I don't need it to be happy. But what if I took a chance and I did it, THAT WOULD MAKE ME HAPPY.
I have to let go of the lack in my faith so  that I can believe I am strong and I can participate in physical activities.
"A consciousness of lack is a chronic longing for something else. Your obsession with achieving what's missing screams to the Universe that your life isn't valuable or appreciated now. Such a severely negative assumption can only draw more lack, a process that's compounded when you envy what others have. This expands you competitive neediness and makes you even more desperate and miserable."
Oh wow, what word jumped off the page for you? The word neediness makes me cringe.
Yes, I have found myself envying others strong backs, good knees, working hips. I have to learn to turn this around.
A more positive way is to say, I can walk, and do daily chores. I have learned to live with high pain and still move. But it is the neediness that really bothers me. When I first hurt my back, if I dropped something to the floor, it stayed there until Kerry got home to pick it up. Thankfully I'm better now and can pick my own stuff up.
But I still need him to drive me to Twin Falls once a week for a Chiropractic apt.
So, I must choice to be happy where I am, work on improvements when I can,
and maybe test the limits now and again.
Affirmations for letting Go of Lack
"I am letting go of lack and choosing to see only value from now on. The Universe is abundant, and all that I need is available to me.
Here is a gift Santa left for me. Look at these brochures. My reaction was. Are you kidding me?
I can't do that!!!

So they have been sitting on the counter and I look at them each day. With some kind of envy I'm looking at these happy people on the brochure and wishing it were me.
What's different now? I'm putting me in the picture!!
Look at the brochures, what do you see? If you know me at all keep looking at what fate just brought to me.
Which one do you think I'm making reservations with today?
What's on my list today:
1. I'm going to check out a new yoga studio in my town.
Why because I keep saying I can't do yoga.
2. Call to make reservations  with High Adventure River Tours
3. Buy big tubs to put Christmas away
Be Inspired,


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 11 29 days to a more magnetic life

 DAY 11
by Sandra Anne Taylor
 Good bye 2013 hello 2014
It's gonna be a good year.
So, here we go, I'm still working on 28 days, but, it's taken me longer than 28 days. It's okay, the holidays kept me busy and now I'm ready to go.
Self Acceptance
"Today I release every single thought of self-judgment or criticism. I free myself from any old, external conditions of self approval. I am valuable and worthy just as I am."
Wonderful, what a great day to start the New Year.
Self acceptance.
Last week, I had one of the best Dr. appt. I've had in years. With my blood work done, I went to see how I was doing. To my surprise, my B/P was near normal, my cholesterol excellent, thyroid perfect, AC1 normal, diabetes's not even on the table anymore.
When I had the heart failure, I was told it would take 2 years for my body to stabilize and correct itself. Well, Dr. Fox, you were spot on!!!
"You must intervene when you spot thoughts or behaviors that resemble self-judgment or self criticism. On top of making you incredibly unhappy, the refusal to approve of yourself is disastrous to your magnetic attraction."
There is one more thing I need to do, lose 100 lbs. Now I do not think the world needs one more blog about weight loss. So I will not be blogging about my weight loss journey.
Or, atleast not as a main topic.
Self acceptance. It's huge, I'm learning to see life more as problem/solutions instead of problems/challenges.
Activities for Self Acceptance
2. Let go of perfectionism and learn to forgive yourself, both for your mistakes and for your perceived shortcomings. Focus on changing all of your self critical thoughts.
Yes, I like that. Change your thoughts, change your life.
I hear it all the time. You are what you think you are.
I will be working on this one.
Affirmations for self acceptance.
"I am proud of myself and my achievements. I acknowledge the effort I make in my life. "
I've been moving into the new year just like everyone else. I listed all the highlighted things that happened to me in 2013. I looked at that list and I tell you, I truly am blessed.
Not everything that happened was good news, in fact, there seems not to be any good news from a conversation that starts with, "Guess what happened to me today!"
But, pushing on and being a part of my day has brought me a full life.
What's on my list for today:
1. I bought a big grease board, life changes I want to make in 30 days. I plan on writing them on the board and marking them off. I have 3 things I want to change in the next 30 days.
A. cut back to only 2 cups of coffee each day.
B. I am giving up wine for 30 days.
C. only one hour a day on the computer.
2. Self acceptance doesn't mean not tiring hard to maintain healthier habits. So, I'm working on eating, exercising, and working in balance with my day.
3. Making a plan for this years vacation budget. I have lots of places I want to go, but only have limited time and money to do it all wuth. Choices must be made.
Be Inspired,

First picture of 2014, no make up all natural , self acceptance

Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's time to get organized,
my new years resolution is to start using my fine art canvas bags when I shop.
Be Inspired,

Everything about Paris

Everything about Paris
Bonne le Vie
True or False
tips are generally included in the price  of Parisian meals?
Fortunately, service est compris in the price you see on the menu in most French restaurants. While extra tipping isn't unheard of, it is not required or expected. Still, if you want to ingratiate yourself at a place you might visit again, leave an extra euro at a cafe or a few at a restaurant.
When Kerry and I traveled to Seattle, and to Santa Fe, we noticed that the fine dining restaurants were adding on the tip automatically. It's in small print on the menu and if you don't see it you will on the bill. For years  restaurants have been adding larger gratuities to large parties, and some will add on a service fee for separate checks.
Bon Appetite