Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Everything About Paris

Everything about Paris
True or False
The best way to get a taxi in Paris is to hail one from the curb.
It is next to impossible to hail a taxi from the curb. If you need a cab, go to a large hotel, where they tend to queue up, or have your hotel or restaurant call for one. It is not necessary to tip Paris taxicab drivers, but they always appreciate it if you round up to the nearest euro.
When we were in Seattle, we used the monorail, a lot. But as the days went by and my knees and back were starting to hurt, I learned how to hail a taxi cab at the curb.
It was great fun!!!
I had seen it done on movies, just stick your arm up and they start coming.
Sarah and I got very good at it.
Surprising,  it wasn't that much more expensive and it was worth being taken right to the place you wanted to go.
Just a tip, Seattle cab drivers want to be tipped.
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