Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Everything About Paris

Everything About Paris
To qualify as haute couture, how many new designs must a couture house produce each year?
A. 25
B. 50
C. 100
D. 500
C. 100
The Chambre Syndicale, which sets strict rules for what can be considered haute couture, requires couture houses to produce 50 original designs twice each year. Because of such guidelines and changes in the world of fashion, the number of couture houses dwindled to fewer than 10 by the early 200's. At their peak, in the 1950's, there were more than 30 houses.
Now, I buy off the rack, or even on line, never touching the item or trying in on.
 What would it be like to have a original design? Where would I wear it?
Just this year I bought a fancy black dress for a Christmas party. I have gotten to wear it twice. Once for my art reception and then for my birthday. I never made it to the Christmas party.
But, does that mean I can never wear it again since I've been seen in it?
I have an old sewing machine that has traveled with me since I left home some 40 years ago. It still works and every now and then I have it cleaned up and maintained.
I'm thinking I should break it out and sew something up. I use to sew all my own clothes, the childrens and even Kerry's shirts.
It's a fun things to create your own clothes, but I'm no longer thinking it is cheaper.
But I will challenge myself to sew something this year.
I will keep you posted on that.
Be Inspired,