Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 12
28 Days to a magnetic life
Sandra Anne Taylor

I Love Greek Mythology. This painting is named Narcissus. Do you know the story?
I made it a girl, she looks in the water and falls in love with herself.
I'm starting to feel just a bit self centered about this journey. It seems its all about me, and how I feel and what I want to do. But, in truth, it is because I have put myself to the sidelines helping others and not taking care of myself that I find myself in this position.
Today is about
Letting Go of Lack

Narcissus, acrylic, 34" x 36" Jean Hart

"Today I am focusing on abundance and letting go of lack. Whenever I catch myself longing for something I don't have, I smile and tell myself: That would be nice, but I don't need it to be happy. I have the option and power to be happy now."

Letting go of lack for me is not about material things. For me right now it's about my physical body, its needs, and it limits.
The things I look at and want in abundance is physical strength. I look at athletes, and say, I want to do that. It would be nice to run, hike, bike. I don't need it to be happy. But what if I took a chance and I did it, THAT WOULD MAKE ME HAPPY.
I have to let go of the lack in my faith so  that I can believe I am strong and I can participate in physical activities.
"A consciousness of lack is a chronic longing for something else. Your obsession with achieving what's missing screams to the Universe that your life isn't valuable or appreciated now. Such a severely negative assumption can only draw more lack, a process that's compounded when you envy what others have. This expands you competitive neediness and makes you even more desperate and miserable."
Oh wow, what word jumped off the page for you? The word neediness makes me cringe.
Yes, I have found myself envying others strong backs, good knees, working hips. I have to learn to turn this around.
A more positive way is to say, I can walk, and do daily chores. I have learned to live with high pain and still move. But it is the neediness that really bothers me. When I first hurt my back, if I dropped something to the floor, it stayed there until Kerry got home to pick it up. Thankfully I'm better now and can pick my own stuff up.
But I still need him to drive me to Twin Falls once a week for a Chiropractic apt.
So, I must choice to be happy where I am, work on improvements when I can,
and maybe test the limits now and again.
Affirmations for letting Go of Lack
"I am letting go of lack and choosing to see only value from now on. The Universe is abundant, and all that I need is available to me.
Here is a gift Santa left for me. Look at these brochures. My reaction was. Are you kidding me?
I can't do that!!!

So they have been sitting on the counter and I look at them each day. With some kind of envy I'm looking at these happy people on the brochure and wishing it were me.
What's different now? I'm putting me in the picture!!
Look at the brochures, what do you see? If you know me at all keep looking at what fate just brought to me.
Which one do you think I'm making reservations with today?
What's on my list today:
1. I'm going to check out a new yoga studio in my town.
Why because I keep saying I can't do yoga.
2. Call to make reservations  with High Adventure River Tours
3. Buy big tubs to put Christmas away
Be Inspired,