Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 13, 28 Day to a more magnetic life

Day 13
28 Days to a more magnetic life,
Sandra Anne Taylor
Peaceful Relaxation
Well, I can tell you right now that today is not peaceful but it will be relaxing later today.
Why, because my kitty, Jax, is sick. He has crystals in his bladder.  I must feed him special food and give him medication. I also drip water into he's mouth with a dropper because he is dehydrated.
I'm somewhat exhausted, not sure what that's all about. Bone tired really, could be the exercise or diet, or both.
But yes the relaxation part of the day will come around four when I go to yoga.
"Today I'm bringing a peaceful approach to all that I do. Instead of hurrying and worrying, I remain calm, relaxed, and unruffled. I choose peace in my body and my mind."
Really, truly, this is what I needed for today. Aside from a few trips around town this should be a peaceful day at home.
"In this hectic and chaotic world, a peaceful vibration is very appealing. Since it calms your energy, a daily approach of peaceful relaxation is a dynamic part of your magnetic life force. On the other hand, living in stress, running around, and fretting about every little thing will destroy your peace and project an agitated and upsetting vibration. "
Peaceful vibration. I like that. This week is my Birthday. I wanted to get my nails done since we are all dressing up for a fine dining dinner and a martini bar late night. But I'm a little short on cash. Guess what came in the mail yesterday? It was a refund check from the hospital. I overpaid them and they sent my money back to me!!! Just In Time for me to have my nails done.
Is that what they call Law of Attraction?
Trust that what you need will come to you when you need it?
Peaceful Activities
2. Let go of your inner conflict and the need for control. Whatever may be going on, when you choose trust instead of fear, you'll experience a profound sense of peace as you approach every issue."
I have to say, that I am slowing down. I love my 30 day challenge to change your life. I has put order into my life. I do like to check things off my list.
I have started to put my appt. in my phone. I didn't think I would like that so much, but it has really saved me from overbooking a day.
Jax, my kitty now has appts. of his own to keep.
Affirmations for a Peaceful Life
"As I go through my day, I am beginning to notice more opportunities to release tension and just relax."
Okay, so let me share something that I have just started to do. I try to swim each day, but of course that doesn't happen. So, now it's swim one day do yoga the next day....
But what I have found is that I can get audio books on my phone. I wear a bathing cap, (really, not going for looks and beauty here), and plug in the earphones and while I tread water I'm listening to a book. COOL!!. Someone once told me if I could just tread water for and hour or so that would help me lose weight. I get a little bored so this idea has been so useful.
I also listen to Pandora music, too.
Be Inspired,