Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Walking the labyrinth at St. Lukes's, Idaho Fall, Id

Jean Hart Artwork*
Walking the labyrinth in Idaho Falls, Id 

I have completed my class on 
"Healing with the Arts,"
Walking the labyrinth was the last part of my finial.
I put it under movement, both physically and spiritually.
What a blessing this was.
I was on vacation and came across this labyrinth at St. Luke's on a walk my husband and I took.
It was raining and we said lets just wait the storm out here.
It's a wonderful, well kept up walk in front of the church. 
I had Kerry take a video of it and me to explain how to walk a labyrinth. 
I hope you enjoy the short video and if you ever get a chance to walk a labyrinth , I hope you do. 

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