Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dada Art

Zurich, Berlin, New Your
I must confess I do not know much about Dada artwork.
The Fun Fact I found about where the word Dada came from,
"The origin of the name Dada is in dispute. The most popular theory is that "Dada artists randomly stabbed at the French-German dictionary and hit the word "Dada," French for hobbyhorse. The other is that the word is simply nonsense or babble, reflecting the artists' attitude toward fine art."
Well there you go!!!! I like the babble myself.
It was during World War 1 that these artists came on the art world. They created provocative, contradictory, and irrational art. Their art was a way to protest against the war.
Dada artist did not seem to have a specific medium or standard to their work. More like chaos was used to create collage, paints, and sculptures. They were not interested in art for arts beauty. No, they were more interested in making the viewer think. They were more engaged in discussions of poetry readings, and performances and images that mocked the government, art world, and contemporary culture. I believe they were using art to make a political statement.
The Dada artist were the founders of what later became Surrealists artists.
Selected artists of Dada:
Jean Arp, Hugo Ball, Marcel Duchamp, George Grosz, Raoul Hausmann
Something to think about today.
Where can you find artwork that may be political or provocative,
Do you consider it artwork if it is not beautiful?
Have you ever made artwork that was a statement of current affairs?
These are my two paintings that were influenced by current affairs.

Tsunami, acrylic, Jean Hart
Cow in the field, Jean Hart
2013 the year of the Water Snake
Helping Hands
Be Inspired,