Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Cleaning Feng Shui

Part of the air week is learning to see joy and surprises in your life. So I have a second journal titled "Joy Journal."  this is where I write, draw, collage and have poetry, photos... One a day to chronicle the simple moments and the great surprise of life. Magical moments of each day of the program. So there I am, eating Chinese dinner with my little fortune cookie. Well anyone who knows me knows I buy a box of these cookies just so I can have a fortune cookie wish. This one says, "I will have a surprise today."  Very simply put.."How do they know these things!!" Later, after dinner, I went to my art workshop. We are a group of artists who work together and encourage each other and now we are getting ready for a big Art Exhibit at the Northeastern Nevada Museum. I went to pay for my five canvas's which I thought were $50.00 each only to find out they were on $25.00. BIG SURPRISE!!! Oh I just love this when it happens. Did it go in my Joy Journal,,,,you bet it did.

Air week is all about cleaning out, your mind, emotions, energy and home. I found this site that I feel is a good place to start.
Enjoy the energy once you start this process you will just feel lighter, I did and I do.
Be Inspired,
Spring Cleaning Feng Shui: Clear the channels of positive energy to breathe easier this spring! Get 10 Feng Shui tips for spring cleaning that can help refresh and rejuvenate every facet of life.