Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Soul Coaching Day 4

Soul Coach
Day 4

I can not think of a better song to go with this weeks AIR
Where are you now in your life?
Core beliefs about life, rigid rules you have created on your own. I'm not one for going into ones past, but, Denise makes sense when she says, we are what are parent told us we are. Even if you want something different those words you heard while you were young stay with you.
Affirmation for the Day
"I love and accept who I am...and who I am is enough."
Now I'm not going to say I had a bad childhood, or that I was neglected or abused.
In someway I may have had all of that in little doses.
My current thinking is that everyone did the best they could at the time.
Because I love writing and know how powerful words are, I can understand how they sit in your subconscious.
On level one Committed to Change! Be the Sacred Observer.
I sometimes think I don't know what my beliefs are. So today, I will listen to what I tell myself, what are the words I use to describe myself. Listening to the internal dialogue and observe the language and words I use will give me an idea of how I feel about myself and what I believe.
changing your language can change your life.
I am lonely can become I am open for love.
I am exhausted can become I am recharging
I am slow moving can become I move at my own speed.
I am in pain can be my body is telling me something.
I am a bad speller can be I love spell check
my arts not good enough can be you are learning to express yourself better each day.
observe your life while you hold the thought that the events of your life today are neither good or bad, they are just the events of the day. They are only good or bad depending upon the meaning that you give them.
Make a list of your faults, and see how you can turn them into a positive.
Core Beliefs is a notion that you have held so long and repeated so often that it has become entrenched into your subconscious mind.
These things take time to write down and think about, and continue to think of how I am going to change these core beliefs.
I invite you to go through this book with me. I would love to form a support group here.
Soul Coaching, 29 days to discover your authentic self, Denise Linn
Be Inspired,