Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soul Coaching 28 days

Soul Coaching 28 days to discover your authentic self.
by Denise Linn
The spirit of Air
Healing, by Jean Hart
First week  is Air, for the next seven days when you first wake up in the morning, focus on the air around you. Take a deep breath and be aware of the physical air that surrounds you. Inhale self-acceptance and exhaling self-judgment. 
During Air Week
  • Assess and evaluate your life.
  • Clear out your clutter
  • Make commitments that empower you.
  • Do things you have been putting off or make a plan for doing them.
  • Organize papers/answer letters/ make postponed calls.
  • pay bills or make a planned schedule to pay bills.
  • Organize your home and office space.
  • Examine your core beliefs.
  • Breathe/become aware of the quality of the air you breathe.
  • Notice the sounds in your environment/listen to inspiring music.
  • Sing/shout/use you voice.
  • communicate your truth.

This is me, Jean, on my first night when I picked up the book, Soul Coaching, 28 to transform your soul, by Denise Linn.
I was playing around with my kindle when I saw that I could take pictures with it. So, the idea accured to me, that I should take pictures each day and lets see if there's a change in my appearance, attitude, aura.....I don't know what to expect but  I've had a hard 5 years. I had a partcial hysterectomy, one year of antibodies for a bladder problem, knee surgery, later a slipped disc. I have a disc that is pushed forward that causes pain. I'm 15months into a 24 month PT Program. I'm exercising and do small house chores. While all this is happening, I have continued to paint and show my artwork at exhibits and shows and create a online store at*. But still there is so much emptiness inside me. So much loneliness.Don't get me wrong here, I am liked by many, loved by some and I love all the people in my life. So, I'm thinking my soul is in need of some S.O.S. and TLC.
Day 1  Good Morning, I start my day close to 5 A.M. I'm ready to start reading, writing, and doing whatever my first day is going to be. Today's exercises are probably the most time-consuming of all exercises for the month.  Life Assessment: Stark honesty about where you are, be honest in your self-appraisal. Well, really, does anyone look good at 5 in the morning. Here, I go. Affirmation for the Day" My evaluation of myself is not who I am." Today, Periodically take deep breaths, visualizing life force energy filling your lungs and your body."  I have committed to Change! so I'm hoping to have time to do all the levels in the exercises each day. Write out your intention for the next 28 days, assess your life in terms of health, relationships, finances, career, creativity, and spiritual fulfillment.
My list was terribly long.....and the next part was to write a plan of small steps to improve the areas that needed help. Helping to discover where you are now and where you would like to be. The list is long. But what I came up with was a list of things for me to do each day to help my soul reach her truth. The Soul loves the truth......I have a journal I use for this, It's marked Personal and Private, I can not be responsible for hurt feelings it you trespass and read my personal and private thoughts!!! 

  1. No, I will not be sharing those oh, so private thoughts here either. I thought I could but, it just doesn't seem right to bore you with them. What I will share is the process in the book, and each days assignments.  What will I be working on. The list in the book is so long, I can not believe someone can change all of that in just 28 days. I have picked a few that struck me, and maybe later will come back to pick up a few more.
  2. Self esteem
  3. worry/frustration
  4. anger/irritation
  5. shame/guilt
  6. fear of failure/success/taking risks/self motivations
  7. relationships with friends
  8. relationship with the Creator
  9. forgiving myself
  10. my past
  11. job/work/career/      and physical health


That's quite a list.....It's never easy to look at ones life and assess it for a truth without being critical. So my assessment, was pretty harsh on myself. The little steps each day are small, but necessary.
Denise has a on line website you can visit to help with support while going through your 28 days
I plan on visiting this site the whole 28 days. It took my 3 days to get through the first days assignments. The Assessment of my Home was so intense but it truly gave me a vision of where to start.
Be Inspired,