Monday, April 8, 2013

Soul Coaching Days

Well I will say that with this week of water came rain and snow!!! Just after I took out my sandals and carpi's.
This week is more about cleaning than clearing out. Water traditionally represents emotions, so this week we clear out emotional issues.
During Water Week you will:
  1. Explore your emotional life.
  2. cleanse your house, office, and car, (I added my purse to this list.)
  3. Evaluate your relationships.(I had to get a bigger notebook for this)
  4. Communicate from your heart, especially the things that you have been afraid to say.(I wrote a letter to myself and Mailed it!!!)
  5. Encourage your inner child to play.(So much fun, went on line to find a new craft to do.)
  6. Embrace your childlike wonder.( I went into the kitchen and baked my favorite cake, just because no one else did.)
  7. Examine childhood issues.(Again, this is what I needed a big notebook for)
  8. Explore your dreams.( I made new dreams, seems with action, and hard work one of my new dreams had already came true, without any ceramony!!! I will not let that happen again.)
  9. follow your intuition (I let myself be talked into things....I must trust my instinct and not let anyone talk for me. Learn a hard lesson this week.)
  10. Bathe, shower, soak, cleans your body.(facials are fun)
  11. check your plumbing ( how does the universe do this, yes my sink plugged up)
  12. Drink,drink,drink water
  13. It's a very long list, and may I say I did not get through all of it. I find when examining ones emotional life it may take longer than 15 min's a day to write down the answers to all the questions. But, I did give it a good go.

  14. "Affirmation for the Day
  15. "I unconditionally accept my feeling...and what I feel is not who I am."
  16. "My life experiences have positive, powerful meaning."
  17. "I am moving into harmony with everyone and everything in my universe."
  18. "I am loved and lovable"
  19. "In the center of my being, there is always stillness and peace."
  20. "My life is blessed, and I am so grateful."
  21. "who I am is enough, just as I am."
  22. I really love this program, clearing out and cleaning up has to be a good thing. I find that I just don't have enough time to do all the suggestions in one day.
  23.  But I have made myself a master list for each day to complete. With each new day one more thing goes on it. I can feel the change beginning. Even more than that there is an acceptance I have not felt before. My foundations are being supported by my inner peace.
  24. The book is Soul Coaching, by Denise Linn
  25. If you have done this book, share with me. If you want to do this book with me, come along.
  26. Be Inspired,
  27. ~Jean