Wednesday, April 24, 2013


DAY 25
Soul Coaching book by Denise Linn
Earth week has been tough for me, not because it's hard, but because I have not been feeling so great this week.
Finding the wisdom to stick with this program this week has been hit and miss.
My philosophy that I started to take up was start saying Yes to things that come my way.
I'm finding that difficult. I missed a few opportunities this week, to make a new friend, coach someone alone, and start up a business.
When I'm not feeling well I do not think clearly. I do not think at all. Going back to correct these things seems, risky. If my first thought was to say no, was it my intuition or me just not wanting to deal with it?
Today's affirmation:
"I am in harmony with the natural rhythm of life."
Yes, I will have to repeat this one many times today.
Today's activities:
Be aware of the rhythms of nature in all its forms around you, from the rising and setting sun. ....
It's windy today, so I'm hoping that the winds will blow this very low mood I'm in far far away....
I love this book,
only 3 more days to go.....again no picture of me today, still looking pale....
Be Inspired,