Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Technical Tuesday

Technical Tuesday
The days are getting longer and as they do I want to be outside more and more. That means that I have less time in the studio. I have found that if you make a committment to a regular time to do your exercises this time  while become time you look forward to and enjoy.
Today we will be drawing a parrot, by Eileen Sorg.
Apply yellow around the eyes and beak. fill in the pupils and other areas of the eyes with a dark, warm gray, leaving highlights in each eye. Apply this color over the beak, varying the pressure and leaving some areas white to suggest shape. Also stroke in the darks around the beak and within the feathers.

Fill in the irises with red-orange. Then apply bright green to most of the feathers and deepen the beak with black.

fill in the rest of the feathers with teal, overlapping the bright green in places. fill in the pupils cleaving highlights and the holes above the beak with black.