Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today we will make a quick drawing of a snail. This exercise comes from Ed Tadem.
As an artist I draw everyday. My exercises are small. Just something in pencil. These quick studies are not meant to be framed but to loosen up my fingers and hand. I sometimes just start with swirls on the page, lines, criss crosses and when I'm ready I will get out a clean paper and start an exercise.
I like this exercise because circles are hard and the more you practise them the more they become balanced. Do not try for perfection with this exercise, more just let you pencil flow.
  • Draw a misshapen circle for the shell; then add the neck, head, and tentacles.
  • refine the basic shapes, defining the tentacles and adding the spiral pattern to the shell. Indicate a slime trail.
  • continue refining shapes and begin shading, adding radial lines and spots to the shell. Build up the darks, deepening the shading and creating the ridged texture of the shell. And he's off.
  • After I completed my exercise I continued by bring in some color with my color pencils.
  • Have fun with this.
  • Be Inspired,
  • ~Jean