Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Technical Tuesday still life

well technically this will not be a "Technical " instruction day.
Mothers Day is coming up and so I have started to paint flowers.
I went to my local craft store and found drawing paper in 5 x 7 pads. I thought wow, this is great, they were already cut for me, in canvas for acrylic, pastel and colored pencil.
I brought out all my colored pencils and started to put together a little still life of flowers.
Today you will be doing the same.
Really think about what kind of flowers YOU LIKE. I find it easier if you like what you are going to draw.
I start with the size and shape of the vase.
pencil in the flower placement.
Pick out a color scheme that is complementary.
I usually work from top to bottom, and with pencil front to back.
Meaning that my background is usually the last thing I draw.
Have fun with this, it's not meant to be hard.
For me this whole painting was imaginary, but if you need to look at something by all means bring out your flower photos.
Have Fun,
Be Inspired,