Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Week, Day 23 useing the physiology of your body

DAY 23
Earth week has been about being more connected to your body....and this week end my body has let me know its, hurting, tired and sick. I've have spent the last two days in bed with the flu. Or at least that is what I thought it was. Could it be that doing this Soul Coaching is truly affecting me. I do the activities, write in my journal and my joy book. Attending to my health is a daily thing.
So this week end my body wanted to detoxify. So I let it.
I'm reading this very interesting book called, "Calling  Invisible Women". By Jeanne Ray
It has brought up a lot of interesting points.
What super power would you want if you can have one?
Being Invisible!!
Now, really, stop and think this one through. Not all people can be invisible. It just would not work.
Would you really want to listen to someones conversation????
Can you think of ways to help yourself, and help humanity?
What would you be doing if no one was watching you? like no one can see you.
How many women or people already feel invisible and are not?
Okay, so today in Earth week,
carry yourself as if an incredible life force and confidence was flowing out of every pore of you body.
Ask yourself, What does my body say about me?
I know that I must move everyday. Not just the little walks around the house cleaning, but really moving. It is the only way I'm going to get healthy again. And when I don't move. I get so stiff and everything hurts.
I'm not sure how this happens but if you change your body, by moving, eating better, detoxing, you will change your life.
So, if you can remember sometime today so lift your head up, bring your shoulders back your life message will be better too.
If you wanted to continue Level 3: Rejuvenation Time. That is simply to remember that all of these changes takes energy. Even the smallest change in routine will spend energy.
Don't get so caught up with making changes and busying yourself that you do not take some time to reflect and relax.  Your body needs this too.
No picture of me on this day.....detoxing, and being sick is not the way I want to be seen.
Soul Coaching, by Denise Linn
great book, I invite you to join me.
Be Inspired,