Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Earth, a vision

During the night, a spark came to me,,,,I could not sleep. It's always like that when I take up a new project. I got up and went to the studio and decieded that YES, this new art was worth exploring. So today I will continue on this path. I'm hoping to make a little book from these original fine art pieces......Be Inspired, ~Jean
11 X 14
Meandering....the shortest distance between two points may not always be the straightest line...If you can sometimes its fun to travel on the bumpy, curvey and circle road.....I've changed the color of my first painting with the magic of editing and came up with more sutle tones. earthy tones. Somehow I think it's more interesting then the first orginal painting. But it no longer looks like a rose to me, but earth.
Be Inpsried,