Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soul Coaching, Fire week

Soul Coaching book by Denise Linn

what I thought was going to be a fun week, so Denise says in the first pages of fire week, and I quote from the book, "Have Fun!"
Well, yes I did have fun, and I did get organized and yes I did create some awesome artwork. But, I would like to also say, "What a crazy week!!!"
Facing my shadow self was not fun, she came at me from no where and held on to me for the entire week.
Examining my fears, was no surprise except to learn that I have passed a few of them and left them behind. That was fun to know.
Changing my routines and habits. Oh, fun, fun, fun. New hair style, new ways to wear a scarf, and considering a new decorating scheme.
But the image of pretending  "your dead"...well, interesting, hance the back of my head picture. Because of that days activity, I made a "will". Guess who's getting my cat's?......You will just have to wait until my will is read.
This week too, I finished my 'FIRE" painting for the element art exhibit.
It's been a big week, lots of things got done.
Still cleaning, clearing and I have a to do list that has tripled.

Before and After  and now you can really see my vision for Paris.
Last day of FIRE, I look pretty good. May I just say, not so easy taking picture of yourself. I'm just saying....I love my kindle.
I love this little book. Make no mistake in thinking that these little activities are easy. They are anything but easy and some are more time consuming then others.
Join me in this little book,
Soul Coaching, by Denise Linn
If you've done it, congratulations,
If you want to join me.
Have Fun!!! Seriously, it's fun.
Be Inspired,