Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Do You See disability in the World? Mail Art exhibit

How Do You See Disability in the World?
I just sent out my postcards for this mail art exhibit in France.
The Brain;
Jean's Health Journal
Everything is connected and run by the brain.
It is the brain that's sends messages to all parts of the body by way of the nerves.
But, and this is where I'm at, if the vertebrae are out of place, the nerves will be injured, and that means the brains messages can not get through. No messages, no life energy and dis--ease will happen....Pinched nerve, back pain, sickness.....the list goes on and on, you get the messages.

The Girls,

I have invited the Angels, Guides, and all healers into my life to help heal me. These are the top charka Girls.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable." Helen Keller.

Now I ask, with all she had to endear How did she keep such a positive attitude?
I will be reading more of her story and words of encouragement

Plugged In,

I listen to Meditation tapes by Glenn Harrold. I recommend all of his tapes. Since I am on a healing path, my routine is 10min walking, 20min ice and 40 min rest I have lots of time to listen to these tapes. I draw these pictures free hand and when they are done I try not to be to critical because these are not meant to be professional pieces sold or exhibited. But because I'm healing and these are emotional I can look at them and see that I am off balance. As an experiment it will be interesting to see how they develop in the next 10 weeks.

 Looking up!! from my health journal Those who know me know how lucky I am. How I find lucky pennies all the time. Well yesterday I saw a penny and could not pick it up, no bending ya know, so I had Kerry pick it up for me......Later Matt said, "Maybe it's time to start looking up!!!" I just love the way he thinks.~Jean
 Meet The Guys
colored pencil,
Since my back problems come from L4 and L5 this is the lower part of my spine I have created a Chakra system for them. Meet my healers,
In The Hindu Chakra system Red, is the color for the Root, Base of spine, What it Governs is the will to live, connections to the body and the physical plane. spiritual lesson, How to function in the material world.
Orange, Sacral, Groin, It concerns itself with, Emotions, sexuality, and its spiritual lesson is Manifestation in the world.
Yellow Solar plexus, Navel It governs Personal power, autonomy, and its lesson is Love of Self.

Lots of things to think about!!!
Essential Oils,
I have lots of these. They are part of my meditation routine. My favorite one right now is Texas Cedar wood, for strength. — at Healing journal.

Time to heal my knees too
Here's what you don't know about having a lower back injury. YOU CAN'T BEND FORWARD!!! Now just think about all the things you do bending forward!!! Seems I can't hang on to anything either and everything is falling to the ground. So when I drop something I say "Darn I dropped that!!!" and move on. I cant bend forward to pick it up.......from my journey of transformation to good health ♥♥♥~Jean
Be Inspired,