Thursday, April 18, 2013

EARTH Soul Coaching

I'm doing this little book by
Denise Linn
good morning,,,,this is me, even before my first cup of coffee.

Be Courageous...
Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
~ Anaïs Nin ~
 This is my last week on this program. I'm just a bit sad to see it come to an end. But as I read the introduction I see I have no time for that..
Earth week, Clearing your physical self.
This comes just in time for me to paint my next painting for the Element Show, "Earth".
There will be no time to rest during this week it looks like. While I am still cleaning, with all the home machines running. I just finished cleaning, decluttering under my bathroom sink. YUCK!!!! why do I keep everything that comes to me...half used bottles of shampoo, old bars of soap, I must have found 5 hairbrushes, a curling iron, I've never used, some other mysteries tubes of  creams!!!
Which brings to mind the question, "Do you ever look in someones medicine cabinet when you use their bathroom?"   Well, it's all cleaned up and out now.
 For the next seven days, focus on the physical nature of your environment.
During Earth week,
Become more connected to your body. (I looking for a STRETCH CLASS, not yoga though."
Attend to your health, (I made many Dr. Appointments)
Detoxify your body.( learning to drink lemon water)
Understand how to use your body's physiology. ( exercising)
Connect more fully with nature.(watered my plants)
Create a home for your soul.( OK, strange as this sounds, I want to make my own urn.)
Take action for a positive future.
Today is day 22, Earth, Connecting with your body.
Affirmation for the day
"I am one with the earth. I am one with my body."
There is a long list to help with making an accurate body assessment,
After I went through this list I discovered that YES, it was time to get physical and take action to take care of my body. So, Dr. appointments were made.
Eye, Dentist, Gynecologist, Monogram, Dermatologist.
Here's something  fun,  I called my Mary Kay associate and planned a party for next week.
We will have fun food, wine and girl time.
Facials, and make up expert advice.
I'm also making a promise to myself to regularly take my blood presser to keep on top of that too.
That's filled up my calendar for this week,
Have fun with this.
Soul Coaching has been a great help for me.
I welcome you to join in with me.
Be Inspired,