Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 2 to a more magnetic life

Day 2
to a more magnetic life
by Sandra Anne Taylor
Wild Hearts, acrylic, by Jean Hart
Releasing Negativity
I have always believed that what you think is what will happen.
Many times I have thought I just can't do something. Long before I knew what negative thoughts were or that a positive attitude could change your life.
for this day are to notice your thoughts, feel them. Ask yourself are they true? Are they helping you? Do you believe them? Okay, those are my questions. I have read many books about thoughts, depression, negativity thinking, and well this too is helpful.
Sandra writes, "Instead, simply notice when your mind is moving in an anxious direction, then gently release any assumptions of fear or doubt. Whatever may be going on, open your heart and mind to more relaxing conclusions, and know that a better outcome is on the way." 
Taking action
"Breath deeply and as you exhale, affirm that you're letting go. say, I don't have to choose this reaction any longer."
My actions
Daydreamer, pastel, Jean Hart
Again, I say, take time to daydream.....for me, sometimes I get overwhelmed with work, my body aches, and family stuff. Sometimes I just have to nap. Yes, I said NAP. It seems that if I pose a problem just before I nap, and I'm talking about 20-30mins. I feel better about it when I wake up.

 Affirmations for shifting negativity
"My thoughts have real power in my life, and I always choose to have power over my thoughts."
 So, like I said I can't just type out all of what she writes. Some of this is stuff I know already so I looked up something I found help full for me.
TED Talks. I love them, I listen to many and I share the ones that have helped me.
Ask yourself, Can our bodies change our minds? Can you fake it until you make it? or should you fake it till you become it?
click on to the link and find out.
What's on my list for today?
1. I will be writing out my affirmation 50 times. First, I like to hand write stuff because I'm working on better penmanship, and it helps to use my hands.
2. I will pose a anxiety I'm feeling and create a better daydream so the out come is more positive.
This will only take 15 mins.
3. I will walk into my studio standing in a V position, arms up, chin up and say lets get to work!!!
Be Inspired,