Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Possibility and new experiences

Books, Books, Books.......Share with me what you are readng******

Learning never stops....and really it should not!
Looking out at the marina today I feel like I could break into a million pieces and still not see all that the world has to offer. I read about the places I will never see and hope that I get a good book that will take me there. In the text I can feel and taste and see the places I can only dream about.

Books can do that, they give me a place where I can live, open my home to and provide a space of such adventure, safely.

Do you know of any other thing that can give you safety, acceptance and mindfulness and the excitements of the possibility for your heart to do anything but break wide open to new experiences?

With great intensity of self-awareness I invite you to read Greek Mythology.
Read it for fun or read it for the psychology.

Experience a sense of wonder.

Happy Reading

Be Inspired,