Sunday, May 25, 2014

In memory of Gay Carrillo

 In memory of Gay Carrillo
 A dear friend and inspirational artist.
Barbara, Jean, Gay, Dee, Vicky
I found this poem and it made me think of Gay.
“An Artist's Prayer"
By Rachel Heffington

I've seen the Master Artist's brush
In deer so quiet, dusky-shy,
I've seen His charcoal pencil trace
A tree against the evening sky.
His watercolors have I glimpsed
In fragile petals of a rose.
A pastel masterpiece I view
Each time a day is at its close.
I've seen His sculpture in the way
The waves conform the rippling sand,
So Lord, please take this amateur
And guide my ever-blundering hand!
I saw Gay mostly at our art workshops "Attitude Adjustment".  
Gay could paint with all the mediums, watercolors, oils, pastels. She would bring them in boxes all nicely organized. I believe her hand was guided by the Master himself.
Her paintings are so full of life, not unlike herself.
As I grew to know Gay, I found that she had a wonderful sense of humor. Always with a smile on her face, a welcoming wave and always a story.
She told us about her trips, her family, and always brought the best desserts, not just for us, but for Tootsie, Vicky's dog, who sometimes stay with us at art workshop.
It was my honor to know Gay. She encouraged me as a painter and listened to me as a friend.
I will miss her dearly.