Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yogi Girl's Adventures

Yogi Girl's Adventures 
Sarah and I are on an adventure.
 It started in January when a new yoga studio opened in our town. We thought , "Great, lets do yoga and loss weight".
Yoga has not only helped us loss weight, but it has saved my life, and changed our attitudes.
It's a life philosophy.
We took a trip to Salt Lake City to go to the Holi Feast, Color Festival, at the Hindu Temple.
 It was a whole afternoon of music, dancing, throwing colors in the air, and eating Indian Food.
Of course there is a whole meaning about the festival if you are interested in knowing.
Click on the this link, it will explain it better then I could.
It was a blast and Mc Yogi, DJ Drez were performing.
Here are a few a my favorite songs, listen to the words, they will change your life.
The day started with Yoga at the Bhakti Yoga Lounge in SLC, McYogi , DJ Drez, and Amanda were the guest to perform live music and a yoga class.
McYogi and Amanda own their own yoga studio in California, Yoga Toes.
It was a 2 hour yoga class and I'm amazed I stayed with it. But, McYogi came and helped me with a yoga pose , and I thought that was cool.
After meeting him and his wife, and hearing his songs , I'm a huge fan.
The trip was fun, we learned a lot, laughed out loud, and made some new friends along the road of life.
Be Inspired,