Monday, May 19, 2014

Breakout 5K

Breakout 5K
Our second walk this season
Here we go, we have are numbers and are ready for the 5K.
Breakout 5K
7801 W diamond back Dr
Pocatello, ID            

Listen up runners; this is the 5K race that you’ve been waiting for someone to put together. It involves you, the jail, cops, and donuts. On May 17th, you will start at century high school and run to the perimeter of the bannock county jail. Behind you will be a group of school resource officers chasing you. Once you complete the perimeter it’s an all out jail break back to Century High School. If you beat the cops you get to eat their donuts.
This is our second walk for the season. What a great weather day too. We started at 10:00 am .
My crime was breaking into a jewelry store, after all diamonds are a girls best friend.
 Kerry, he stole gold.
We were the very last ones out!!!, My goal was to not be the last ones in. We set a brisk speed, and even though we were the last to leave we started to pass a few people in the end.
The cop chased me across the crosswalk, ha ha, ha, so fun.
We clocked in at 59.37, doing the math. We walked a 18 min mile. Shaving 8 mins off my time!!!
Kerry won the Gold Medal for his age group.
That's Kerry biting his gold medal. In the end he really did get the GOLD!!
I got the cops donuts.
Congratulations Kerry, WELL DONE.
Later we went to dinner to celebrate, because you just have to celebrate all the steps in life.
Be Inspired,