Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What My Soul Wants Me To Know, Simplicity

What My Soul Wants Me To Know
cards by Denise Linn
Be the change I want
Peace and Namasta
Card 2
This  is the card I pulled today.
It seems like I have been working on this for awhile now. I have decluttered, defriend, defined, declined, declared, decorated, and deepen my life.
What else could there be?
"Do what matters, and release the rest to find peace,
grace, and stillness.
 Clear internal and external clutter."
Oh Yeah!! the internal clutter. Yes, there's always that.
Just as I have cleaned out, decluttered and come to some decision as to what is important.
I find a new gadget that make things more fun.
Yes, I can use a knife to cut my apples, but why when they have made a real fun apple cutter that takes the core out for you?
Gadgets make my life easier, fun and interesting.
But the mental clutter. That's different. You must do the work.
Everyday I write in my journal, sometimes I draw. It doesn't matter. It takes as long as it takes for the real clutter to present itself and an answer to come. At first I went out and bought beautiful journals, pretty hardcover ones. But soon I found that I wrote so much that I quickly went through them. So, now I buy spiral notebooks. They are cheaper and do the same thing.
I have found the best way for me to declutter my mind is to make lists. Make a list of what is worrying me, then make a list of how I might take care of the problem, and soon I find the answer.
Simplicity, not so simple.
Here is my list on this.
1. time to clear the clutter around my desk.
2. time to change out my seasonal clothes, bring out the capris
3. clean out the linen closet, it's time to put away the winter blankets.
4. clean out the refrigerator, after so many parties there is just to much party foods around me.
Here is the affirmation for clearing away the clutter,
"Deep profound serenity is expanding in my life!"
What is staying on my list is
1. eating properly
2. exercising
3. studying my yoga books
4. meditating
5. planning trips and taking adventures
6. finding inspirational movies and autobiographies
7. being more creative
8. maintaining my house
9. living on the budget we have created for ourselves
10. enjoying family, friends, and life.
When it gets right down to simplicity, I think 10 is the most important.
When ever I'm really stuck and can't bring things down to the simplest answer, it's time for the W words. Some things need to be pondered longer, they are more complicated. This usually means the answer is something I don't really want to do but probably have to do.
Be Inspired,