Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Second Season of Change, Spring

The Second Season of  Change
Transformation Spring 2014
Change, Transformation, Reinvent.
Whatever I'm calling it, it's time to start working on it.
"There are three constants in life....Change, Choice, and Principles."
Stephen Covey
Part of life is to make those hard choices, but if you don't settle in and face them you just keep going over and over and over them. Stop the chaos and start planning some order.
When I was injured I stopped cleaning the house among many other things. But, right now that's a huge step to overcome. It's funny what you will accept as OK, or good enough when you just can't get yourself to get up and get things done. Even today, there are times that I only have so many steps in my day and have to plan my energy out.
Working through the Wisdom healing cards from Caroline Myss I will pull a card each week, and meditate on it. I will see how it can be used to transform, reinvent or change me this year.
Today's Lesson:
Recognize YOUR first Thought.
I think of this as going with your gut. A lot of good ideas come to me when I'm still. Unfortunately, by the time I get back to them I have dismissed them.
My first thought today was that I watch too much TV, play on the computer too much, and my phone has games, and social network, and google.
I look around the restaurants, shopping stores and other places and I see no one talking to each other. I even find myself doing this constantly. It's rude to be playing with your phone around the people you are with.
My first thought for change, and reinventing is about changing a habit.
1. I will start logging my computer time
2.  restricting my TV time
3. turning off my phone.
Yep, that's my plan.
Imagine what will be accomplished by these changes.
Be Inspired,