Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everything About Paris

Everything about Paris
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Here's today's question
Which of these cheeses is not made in the Paris Environs?
1. Roquefort
2. Fontainebleu
3. Coulommiers
4.  Brie
1. Roquefort
Before France developed its railroads in the 1800's Parisians ate mostly what came from the surrounding countryside. Roquefort is from southwestern France. All of these cheeses are still found in the city's cheese shops today.
Fromageries = cheese shops
I love cheese. All kinds, and I often have cheese and fruit when I entertain, camp, or just because.
It is well worth the money and time to experiment with the flavors of different cheeses.
It can be a bit overwhelming to see so many different kinds.
Start with one or two, keep a list going. write down how it smelt, the texture, taste, if you liked, would you buy it again.
Here is a website I find useful.
Have fun with this.
Be Inspired,