Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weigh In Day

Wiegh In Day
starting weight 250 lbs
today's weight 228.2
Total loss 21.8 lbs
BMI 36.9
need to lose 74.8 lbs
estimated date Feb. 13, 2015
calorie intake 1371
YES!!! I'm in the 20's baby!!!
As you can see, it goes slow. The last weigh in is the official weight from the Doctors office.
It's the scale that started this journey.
On Mother's Day, my daughter took me for a 5K walk, that's 3.2 miles. I'm in training because I have a 5K walk coming up this Sat. in Pocatella, Id.
Looks like for that length of time I do a 22 min. mile. Not so fast, but, oh so happy to be walking again.
I'm really hoping not to be the last one to the finish line. But if it happens, I have to be happy just to participate. Those who know me, know I'm competitive and this is a hard hit on my ego,
Oh bien!!
Who is on my team for this journey.
It is true I have put together a supportive team to help me with my physical care.
1. Primary Doctor, really you can't do without one. Find one who makes you comfortable because there's just a lot of embarrassing conversations that take place in order for them to help.
2. Chiropractor, I will never live without one. My Wizard, does acupressure. 
3. Acupuncturist, since I don't have one where I live, everywhere I travel, I see one.
4. Massage Therapy, This took me along to find one that was right for me. I call her a "Healer", because I believe great spirits work through her hands.
5. Yoga, so much fun, free yourself to just be a beginner.
6. Meditate, it's a must everyday
7. Swim, for me this is the activity that really burns calories.
8. Walk, joining in on walking 5K has really been fun
9.  Phone app "Lose It", extremely helpful
10. Eating only real, whole, healthy foods.
11. Supporters, that's family, friends who are there for you when you just don't want to do this anymore.
I have a long journey ahead of me. Believe me there are days when I just want to stop. But, truthfully, I can not.  So, if it doesn't challenge you it will not change you.
Of course some days are perfect!!! But most are decisions meal by meal.
This week is my daughters Birthday....just after Mother's Day.....Celebrations....
This is Life, celebrations never stop so I have prepared.
Here is my menu for the Birthday Dinner
Smoked glazed Chicken
Mashed potatoes, with Ranch Dressing
Green mixed salad
Garlic Bread
No Wine,,,,,probably tea
strawberry, kiwii , coconut water pops.
(no really that's what she asked for)
Next way in will be the 29th
Be Inspired,
Be Healthy, Be Strong, Be Happy