Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Has a work of art ever revealed to you a profound truth about our world?

Has a work of art ever revealed to you a profound truth about our world?
I painted this fine art piece for an exhibit I did on "Human Life".
The tile is "Plant Food Not Fuel".
Today's question is
Can the creation of art add meaning to a person's life?
Jean Paul Sartre,
"If literature isn't everything, it's not worth a single hour of someones trouble." -Sartre
Jean Paul Sartre was a famous 20th century philosopher, a French Existentialist.
In his philosophy he was aware of the power of images on people's beliefs. Sartre sees art as an intellectual pursuit and believes, "that every artist must commit to bettering society and taking responsibility for his or her work".
I agree with this statement. I have always believe artists can paint and record history. I too believe there is so much power in images. I do not like to have to explaine my artwork because by doing so it really takes away their own experience of the art. Each person is drawn to art and images by their own emotions. 
Once you have painted a picture, it lives on in the minds of those who have viewed it long after the artist has moved on.
Creating beauty, with meaning.
Here is my exhibit of my paintings I painting for "Human Life" exhibit.
Please enjoy my artwork.

click on link below to read more about Jean Paul Sartre,
Our challenge for today is for you to paint something that is important to you about Life, Earth, the World.
I love My World and so I painted a painting to show my gratitude from this wonderful place we call earth.
Be Inspired,