Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Psychology of color

Psychology of color
Still Life, by Jean Hart
The psychology of color.
I love bold, bright colors. They don't always go with everything I paint. Most of the time they will not go in someones house. But, it's what I like and so I paint with dramatic flair.
Color has a lot of meanings, culturally and personally. What do you think of when I mention the color blue? Which by the way, the majority of people choose blue as their favorite color.

painting in progress Jean Hart
We associate colors with everything from moods to seasons to special events. But some colors are linked to physical reactions within our brains.
When you are painting, take in to consideration the effect your work has on the viewer.
Here are the most common associations for colors.
Yellow, joy, sun, Summer, cowardice, vitality, bright, friendly
Red, danger, blood, anger, passion, spicy, seductive, exotic

  • Green, nature, spring, health, fertility, envy, nausea, fresh, organic,
  • Purple, royalty, wealth, creativity, feminine, dreamy
  • Orange, fire, autumn, citrus, invigoration, refreshing, energetic
  • If your on a diet, consider wearing yellow and red, studies have shown that these colors speed up your metabolism.
  • Be Inspired,
  • ~jean