Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Creative Life A thru Z week four

The Creative Life A thru Z

 week Four

Jean Hart Artwork

What's cooking 

C is for Cooking
Recently, I had a visit with my brother and his daughter.
She had just graduated from high school and
 was on a summer vacation with her dad to visit us,
 and see our grandson.
 We were planning our meals for the week,
 when the conversation lead to our favorite childhood foods. 
We settled on Mom's potatoes salad. 
A truly wonderful dish that says summer. 
We made our grocery list
 and came home
to prepare the potato salad for the next days barbecue.
Mom never wrote down her recipes, to our frustration,  
she just added a little of this and a little of that. 
Isn't is funny how we all remember things differently? 
Between the both of us we managed to make this family favorite 
and come up with a close enough recipe of Mom's potato salad that it inspired family stories.  
Memories in the kitchen are a great way to share your life stories with others. 

This weeks assignment :
C is for Cooking 
1. Sit quietly and remember a time when you were enjoying your favorite childhood food. 
2. Look at your weeks menu and see if you can make it this week. 
3. Share in the actual cooking with family and friends. 
4. Enjoy the meal, and share the history of this favorite childhood food with family and friends. 

Journal Work
Better Together, by artist  Jean Hart 

1. In your journal start to draw circles. Circles of all sizes,  fill up the page with circles.
The circles can be touching, inside each other, or separate.  
2.Now, with your art supplies, pens, marker, paints. 
Fill in the circles with color.
3. Note which colors you used most, or which color is the most pleasing to you. 
How are you responding to particularity colors? 
Do you have a favorite color?

COLOR Therapy 
Color therapy is an interesting subject. 
I have read many books on this and studied the color wheel for painting. 
I came across this website about the Psychology of Color.
Since, I'm doing a sampling of my curriculum here with you  online,
 I thought I would share this website with you here. 

Cook Books
Do you have a favorite cookbook?
Reading recipes makes me feel like a chemist. 
I'm a very good cook! Why? 
Because I follow the recipes. 
Break out your favorite cookbook, 
or good to a second hand store and find an old time cookbook that's
been very well used. 
Here is a cookbook from a restaurant I'm hoping to visit in my travels.

Two Minutes in Nature, bubbling stream 
Take two minutes to simply breathe deeply and imagine putting your feet in a cool stream.

As always, be inspired, and  have fun with the assignments.